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US buying ISIS oil

"Russia strongly condemns any engagement in direct or indirect trade of oil from Syria" [1]

The US has been undermining the extent of Russia's legislation to this effect.[1][2] "We had bi-lateral negotiations with the United States and the American delegation did everything they could to dilute the wording of the document. We would have preferred a much stronger statement."[3]

The US supported Biafra in the south. Guess which part has all the oil?
Now they are trying again to take Nigeria
The US military is entering Nigeria, just as we predicted months ago in the "Why run the taphouse when you can just control the tap?" section below.[4] The Boko Haram are not conducting a false flag operation, they are a false flag. They are a convenient villain that the US can come in and gloriously slay. The rebellion may be the phoniest US pretext ever. Boko Haram means, "Western education is forbidden".[5] Why advertise what is opposed? BH is a Muslim group, but kills Muslims.[6][4] At one point in 2013, BH had gotten very close to taking over the country, but instead, their leaders met with government leaders and arranged a ceasefire, ensuring that BH could back off, start again, and keep the war an Endless War. Obama and Eric (what Geneva Conventions?) Holder have promised to intervene,[7] a handful of US troops "specializing in intelligence" have already arrived,[8] and the Voice of America Thinks You Should Know, the French have sent some troops too.[9] Former Nigeria owner, the UK, is surely not to be left out in this race to Berlin.[10] As with South Sudan, one of the Four Countries in Seven Years which has already fallen to US interests, all the oil is in the south. When the US intervened in Nigeria last, it goaded Biafra, in the south, into a war for independence that was doomed from the start; it was unnecessary, and Biafra was clearly not matched with its opponent. News outlets are quick to explain that the Delta region in the south has been placated by the government, but that does not explain the nationalistic fervor of Biafran nationalism, fifty years later-just search the hashtag #Biafra on Twitter for comments such as "Nigeria is a failed state" (#1 economy in Africa, remember?), It accounts for Boko Haram's came into being WITHOUT that fervor. Biafra would have been too obvious. The news of invasion follows months of news of the Boko Haram activity, and that Nigeria had suddenly leaped past South Africa to take the lead position as Africa's biggest economy.[11] The Left are ready to condemn the rebels; noble sentiments abound in the propaganda campaigns like the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag on Twitter,[12][13] But they are also ready to accept American invasion. The right will embrace Nigeria as a cause, because it is now rich enough to care about. The sudden leap is doubtless a result of another financial asset of intelligence services-just flat out stealing money from other countries. Pay off the right people, skim money off the top of their budget. Stop in time to make the "riches" announcement, and make the suddenly rich country a nice gift for whatever puppet will take over, and restart the skimming afterwards if desired.

UN: US laws violate human rights treaties
The U.N. Human Rights Committee in Geneva in March 2014 condemned the United States for criminalizing homelessness, calling it "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment". Many local ordinances have been created that are specifically targeted at activities that only homeless people engage in, such as sleeping in parks and sitting for an unspecified length of time ("too long") in public places. The UN found that such arrests of the homeless and tailoring of laws violate international human rights treaty obligations.[14]
Sure, maybe you always wanted to spray a cop-instead of them, you. But you are not a Neo-Nazi, and your cops are not pacifists, so you just hope for the best. The T-shirt reads "Svoboda" , the far-right Ukrainian nationalist party, with a three-finger salute that is obviously Nazi code of some kind, similar to the Serbian three-finger salute, only the Serbian one uses the thumb as one of the three fingers. Third Reich, maybe? See RT's "Nazi symbols" article for proof that actual Nazis are involved in Ukraine as well, and Dark Politics' article for a photo of ex-presidential hopeful John McCain at a political rally in Kiev's Independence Square. Standing on the same stage, close enough behind McCain to jostle his shoulder is Oleh Tyahnybok, the Svoboda leader

US coup plotters caught red-handed, media accuse them of being rude
America's media, it is widely understood, can make it so that at least some of America can ignore something hidden in plain sight. But Ukraine also proves that they can look at something, an ostrich, say, also widely known for hiding their heads in the sand, and decide that this ostrich (which also has to be an American ostrich to fit this increasingly lame analogy -sorry) is something completely different, like a Communist ostrich. So the coup, arranged by telephone[15][16] and carried out by Nazi boot boys and murderers,[17] becomes a foiled Communist intervention and a glorious welcoming of new Ukrainian friends into the generous fold of European capitalism. The /ignore switch was made instantly-all the stories were about how rude and irresponsible Nuland was for saying, "Fuck the EU". At least half of Ukraine had no intention of letting their country fall into the hands of the world's Corporatocracy by way of the country's Fascists if they could possibly help it, but they could not possibly help it. Let us hope the reported 50% who are manifestly good (it happened!) at deciding what is good for Ukraine are as good at sharing the collective pain of the EU's belt-tightening.
The map is clear: the US destroyed Ukraine's sovereignty to disrupt Russia's gas pipelines to Europe,[18][19] The PsyOps report intercepted by WikiLeaks is equally clear: NATO knew in advance that Russia would react militarily, thereby providing pretext forwards, to cover any actions, and backwards, in the event of discovery of the coup.[20]
Two other points should be noted here:
The same is true of Syria:[21] although no one should really want to make Syria a hero because they are victimized, it is important to remember who the victimizers are.
Russia's gas is important to Europe. Crushing Europe and the EU is as much a part of the US plan as crushing Russia and Ukraine. Whatever does not hurt the US is good for the US.

Fill 'er up with Yen
One of these is 250 times worse than the other: A rolling coffin that bursts into a fireball when you run into it from behind, and a car that accelerates instead of decelerates, forcing you to hit the handbrake. The first is the Pinto made by American car company Ford, the one that made Ralph Nader famous forty-some years ago, that resulted in the death of at least 27 people; the other is a car made by Japanese car company Toyota, that has scared many people to death in the past few years.[22] Ford was forced to pay $6 Million, and Toyota is being hit with $1.5 Billion in fines, after already paying 66 million. Attorney General Eric Holder is proving his versatility: not only is he prepared to hide the guilty, turning torture into normal procedure, but he is prepared to soak not-so-guilty foreign companies to fill up the US Treasury when it is running, hmm, maybe a little low. Apologies for the rhetorical comparison; to be fair, Toyota was as heinous in covering up the defects, and misleading the public, their customers, and even Congress. And their product even resulted in at least one death; a California Highway Patrolman.
But the kid glove treatment of The Homeland's criminals may not stop there. About the same time the brigands in the Justice Department made off with the loot from Japan, news surfaced of another defect, in another American car. Just as with the Pinto, General Motors executives knew for years (since 2006 or perhaps even earlier) that the ignition switches in over two and a half million of their cars were faulty, knew it could be fixed with 72 cents more spent on the part, and ignored the evidence of multiple deaths (thirteen revealed so far). They even designed a new part, with the flaws removed.[23] With a clear double standard already established, it does not seem likely that the American automaker will have to pay as much as a Billion as the Japanese company did, for a lesser defect; the question is, will GM even have to pay anything?

Special Valentine's Day message from the National Security Agency
The NSA loves your personal information very very much, precious. It wants to keep it close to them always, yes. But it would never ever look at it, precious, no. (

Spin-adjustable Treaties
Why a United Nations (WP) arms treaty that allows countries to control, or not, arms in their own countries?[24] Same reason you make a Chemical Weapons Convention with requirements the US has still not finished ten years later, but demanded that Syria comply with in ten months. It is not hard to abridge rights of or extend responsibilities to other states' actors if you spin their image hard enough.[25] And the fastest and hardest spin out there is against Muslim countries-just say terrorism a couple of times in every newspaper in the world and you can make the machineguns of flawed democracies like Iran illegal (let alone weapons belonging to countries whose presidents-for-life have outlived their usefulness, like Syria); say democracy enough times and you can keep the tanks and planes and almost every other weapon of war belonging to dictators you like (relatively nice presidents-for-life like Uganda's, or unequivocally evil ones like the Egyptian military dictatorship), protected. Handguns do not really come into it.[26]

Minitrue/Eternal War
False Handkerchief Operation?
The sinking of the USS Maine gave the US the former Spanish East Indies, including the Philippine Islands, Guam and the Mariana Islands, the Caroline Islands (Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia). The sinking of the Lusitania brought America into WWI. Pearl Harbor did the same in WWII. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was used to justify invading Viet Nam. Operation Sand Flea and the Hard Chargers that in the former case was meant to lead to and in the other case did actually lead to the US Invasion of Panama (WP). The Lockerbie bombing distracted the world from the Iran-Contra hearings, and killed two men who had the motivation and means to free the US prisoners in Lebanon two years earlier than when it proved to be a welcome distraction for George Bush Sr. in the second year of his presidency.[27] 9/11 began the second Great Game.

There are as many other justifications used for America breaking the peace decreed by Nuremberg and the UN Peace Accords of 1975 as there are US wars that the US conducted openly, and some for the wars and coups and manipulation of foreign governments that were hidden from the world (for a total of 33 between 1945 and 2000). But there are common threads linking these nine incidents. They all lead to worldwide sympathy for the US, and support for its policies that followed. And they were all made to happen (and in the case of Pearl Harbor alone, allowed to happen) by agents of the US government.

Sand Flea and the Hard Chargers are easy enough to link to the Panamanian invasion once you know what they are, but Lockerbie? Well, again, it takes some reading. In short, the article comes to the conclusion that it was the drug and gun smuggling stooges of the CIA that planted the bomb, to get rid of the two who wanted to release the Lebanon hostages. But the timing is pretty close, even if the CIA did it. Only the CIA had enough info on the two to mobilize that quickly.

"In December 1988 al-Kassar picked up some news that threatened to shut down his smuggling operation. Charles McKee's counterterrorist team in Beirut that was investigating the possible rescue of the nine American hostages had got wind of his CIA connection. The team was outraged that the COREA unit in Wiesbaden was doing business with a Syrian who had close terrorist connections and might endanger their planned rescue attempt...McKee and Gannon, joined by three other members of the tea