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This article is about the Chinese civilization. For the nation located on the Chinese mainland, see the People's Republic of China. For the nation located on the island of Taiwan, see the Republic of China.

China is a nation located in eastern Asia. It is de facto ruled by the People's Republic of China, and it is claimed by the Republic of China, which only rules Taiwan.

Ruling Nations[edit]

Chinese history is traditionally divided into separate dynasties of emperors. In 1912, the dynastic system was abolished in favor of democracy.

Before 221 BC: Warring States Period 221-207: Qin Dynasty 206-9 AD: Han Dynasty 9-23: Xin Dynasty 23-220: Han Dynasty 220-280: Three Kingdoms Period 280-420: Jin Dynasty 420-589: Southern and Northern Dynasties Period 589-618: Sui Dynasty 618-907: Tang Dynasty 907-960: Ten Kingdoms Period 960-1234: Song Dynasty 1234-1279: Mongol Empire in the north and the Song Dynasty in the south 1279-1368: Yuan Dynasty 1368-1644: Ming Dynasty 1644: Shun Dynasty 1644-1912: Qing Dynasty 1912-1949: Republic of China 1949-Present: People's Republic of China