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so last year[edit]

Worldwide wave of action
The Worldwide wave of action is an upcoming protest that will run from April 4, 2014 until the Fourth of July. It is a continuation of the Occupy movement and is being organized by Anonymous.

Feeling that the potential of the Occupy movement had not been met, particularly with regard to the banking sector, and energized by new revelations about government surveillance grassroots pressure for a return to the demonstrations of 2011 and 2012. Anonymous, Occupiers and independent activists began organizing in 2013.[1][2][3][4][5]

Ice Cube Supafest 2012 Sydney, Australia

The movement got a boost in the form of a music video titled Omnipotent featuring Eminem, Ice Cube, and Korn released on YouTube in mid February.[6] As of mid March is had over 175,000 views.

Wikipedia:Occupy Central (2014) Official website Omnipotent music video on Youtube

Cecily McMillan
Because of the bruises visible on the chest of Occupy protestor Cecily McMillan, or wary of the repercussions in sentencing a protestor during Occupy FCC, or w/e, her sentence was 90 days rather than the seven years she could have got.[7]

Occupy FCC

Occupy FCC

On 7 May 2014, in opposition to higher internet costs, but more importantly, the exacerbation of the marginalization of real news, activist groups Fight for the Future, Popular Resistance, and others Occupied the Federal Communications Commission building in Washington, D.C.[8][9] They are still there as of 9 May, and intended to stay until May 15.[10][11][12] This is arguably part of the Worldwide wave of action.[13] The FCC ruled on the 15th May '14 to abolish what most considered a fundamental principle of net neutrality.[14]

#PeoplesFirewallFCC • #SaveTheInternet encampment • @FCC • •

May Day
Traditional May Day protests have been large in years surrounding Occupy, and 2014 is no exception. Protests have been recorded in the US puppet states of Turkey, Iraq, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea. US targets Iran and Nepal and target+former target Cambodia also demonstrated. European nations held largely peaceful demonstrations in the UK and Italy and a France deeply divided as ever between the hard left and the hard right US co-conspirators.[15]

A new year, and possibly a new era of Russia's return to support for its Communist roots was perhaps signified by a May Day parade being held on Red Square for the first time since the USSR's dissolution. The placards were in support of Russia's holding of the line against US regime change in Ukraine.[15] Communists also marched in Ukraine.[15]

Eminem graffiti art in Shanghai, China

There is evidence of Google's manipulation of search results, see cite.[16] So it is no suprise that Google has showed at the top of searches for "Worldwide wave of action", a piece from the usually helpful entitled, "Propaganda Psy-Op? Worldwide Wave of Action".

Their view is understandable. It is obvious that the Arab Spring was contrived to take over Libya, make an unsuccessful grab for Syria, and set back the movements in Tunisia years and in Egypt decades, with tiny token gains. In fact, the result of the Egyptian revolution, a strong military government, was exactly the result that dictator Mubarek had asked the US for.[17][18][19] So what was Occupy's role in all this? From the puppet masters' perspective, to make the less savvy activists enjoy regime change. But it did not make a whole lot of difference to real activists, who cannot possibly miss the implications of thousands of dead in Egypt by the hands of a military government.

In fact, the next item on the Google Search page sort of proves this point. It is even more unhelpful, given its promise to be helpful. is the place": Every business and government site in the US is (no longer secretly) gathering information on everyone, but .org has a sign-in page where everyone gives their e-mail? Not all of us read Facebook's privacy policy saying effectively, "our policy maintains your privacy unless it doesn't" and then go ahead and sign up, you know.

Occupy Central (2014)
Official website
Omnipotent music video on Youtube

Apologetically weak Snowdon metaphor[edit]

Word to the wise: weak sauce like this is what you get when you start addressing the evil guys' lies instead of just telling the truth

With the increased legal scrutiny on them, it is important to remember there is quite rightly a different standard for journalists; if we are to extend the boundaries of artistic licence wide enough to label Edward Snowdown a thief, then he is, also metaphorically, the thief that stole the evil plans for a deathray from the supervillains

Fatherland Party[edit]

Needs to be replaced by an article on the hacking and slaying of the healthcare website, and who really cares what that serial killer Obama says, anyway

Divined from the entrails[20] of an imaginary scapegoat:

2009 : Obama chooses the Republicans' health care plan, hoping everyone will finally agree with it. Reps create the name "Obamacare" (WP) and declare war on it
2029: The Dems disband and join the Reps, hoping everyone will finally agree. Reps create the Fatherland Party (see Patriotic Correctness and Operation:IRONY), leave the Republican Party and declare war on it

Voter purging[edit]

Removed 15th Aug, 2013. There are newer stories on the subject. Oh, and speaking of news stories, I knew that the IRS was using "Tea Party" as a search term because they were targeting political groups posing as nonprofits when that story first came out. Trust the IRS. They don't mess around. Just cause you don't like paying taxes, you got played. Cry me a fucking river. Do you believe in socialism, or don't you?

Non-witch's innocence proved by drowning. God be praised.
"If we're using a database lacking citizenship information to exclude non-citizens of, you know, one ethnicity or another from voting, you can't blame us if we exclude some citizens of, ahem!, one political party or another, by mistake"

Sure, no problem. And if we were to use this recall order to seek redress and express our feelings about this policy, you couldn't blame us if we removed from power, you know, some Florida governor or his henchmen, by mistake[21][22][23]

Pussy Riot[edit]

Removed 16th November, 2012 (never really was happy with this article; I think Westerners somehow just don't really get Pussy Riot [or maybe it is me], and the story was at a tangent with both the Western narrative and Pussy Riot, too [unless it is me, unless we are both wrong], and like everything about the USSR, there is pitifully little documentation):
Text box in the picture: 'Women enjoy the same rights to vote and be elected as do men. Article 127 of the Constitution of the Soviet Union.' Russian: 'Женщины пользуются правом избирать и быть избранными наравне с мужчинами. Статья 127 Конституции СССР.' Caption in caps: 'Long live the equal-rights-possessing women of the USSR!' Russian: 'Да здравствуют равноправные женщины СССР!'

ChapStick Feminism
or in the UK, Lypsyl Feminism
It is for chapped lips. You know, the cold? Chances are there IS such a thing in Russia, but if it has a brand name, we do not know it. And you are not familiar with it. So it would not be a very good pun, in any case

Feminism in Russia (WP); ahead of its time since 1917, behind the times since the 1970s.

  • It was brought to Russia more fully earlier; rights were more nearly equal, inasmuch as that was less of a problem, and especially seen as less of a problem, it had less traction as an issue. So there was less struggle and more gain sooner, and as we shall see, less later
  • Earlier and more fully than in other countries, women were part of the workforce and even the legislature and faced the challenge of asserting equal rights at home; inasmuch as this was not addressed by the government, it gave feminism a bad name among women themselves:
Feminism in Russia was ahead of its time throughout much of the 20th C, but the later generations of Russians are so fully propagandized by reactionaries that they will not stand behind any virtues of the USSR. Pussy Riot attempts to goad the Russian establishment into the 21st C, and their struggle will certainly be framed with overreaching anti-communism, even if only in the Wikipedia:Pussy Riot and Wikipedia:Feminism in Russia articles
Under capitalism, women are not liberated because they have no opportunity to work. They have to stay at home, go shopping, do the cooking, keep house and take care of the children. But under socialism, women are liberated. They have the opportunity to work all day and then go home, go shopping, do the cooking, keep house and take care of the children - joke attributed to Russian people by Hedrick Smith, former Russian correspondent for The New York Times
This joke is dated, sure, but it shows how the USSR propaganda was dead on target when it showed the difference between the societies, and how women in the USSR faced the same problem as women elsewhere did later. This really is a problem, and it may still exist, or it may not
  • Just as in other countries, feminism was critiqued by the mainstream, only more fully, because of anti-Soviet sentiment, and the opportunity to conflate it with the ruling Soviet. Again, this is a real problem; one that Pussy Riot's (WP) tactics hopefully will bring to the fore
  • As the lawyer representing the Russian Orthodox Church in the Pussy Riot case made clear, the same people who were anti-Soviet were religious and anti-feminist. He called it a "mortal sin"[24][25]

The losers in all this are likely to be the Catholic Church, which thoroughly deserves it, and the Soviet, which in many ways does not. Don't be taken in; feminism was practically invented by the USSR

Removed 18th August, 2012:

Koobface virus facts

Removed 21st June, 2012:

(Fake Latin alert) Proliferatum ad surrealis

Ignorance is strength[edit]

removed 09 October 2013

Dearth from above
Neocon warhawks are soft and fuzzy airheads; they just grit their teeth as they speak empty euphemisms, so one thinks they must mean something by it:

Case in point: Michael Ledeen, who has advocated "the kind of warfare that not only destroys the enemy's military forces, but also brings the enemy society to an extremely personal point of decision..."

removed 12 July 2013

The Rug of The Freedom of The November
...and Right-wingers not just wooly headed, but dreamy poets as well : "opportunity called November"

"We are unwilling to let this cabal of radicals pull the rug of freedom out from under us in our lifetime. Now we have this glorious opportunity called November" -Rep. Rep. Michelle Bachman[26]
Hush, sweet prince Reagan, Lo, it doth come all 'p'on the Silken Winges of Opportunytie, and those assembled before, verily shall they dub it, The November
Feel downtrodden? Your freedoms trampled under foot? People in power suits walking all over you? New evidence has emerged of a possible reason why, and a possible solution. Just tug on the rug. Oh, if it were only that simple


Ouroboros Borborygmus
The Industrial-representative-military complex has already eaten itself. It is just too stupid to die

See Wikipedia:"Polish death camp" controversy
Gunboat Diplomacy (WP): "I'm going to start deliberately misunderstanding everything"
Gunboat Diplomacy: "For example, Obama obviously meant that Poland exterminated people when he said 'Polish death camps'"
The Meek Shall Inherit (WP): "Yes, I can see how that might have run the risk of misinforming misinformed people"
Gunboat Diplomacy: "Huh? What the hell did you mean by that?!"
The Meek Shall Inherit: "Just that.."
Gunboat Diplomacy: "I just don't get it. Why won't you address my failure to comprehend you? You obviously subconsciously want to fail in this argument."

(Fake Latin alert) "Ad mausoleum" comes after ad nauseum, when we have all been bored to death

Removed 6th April 2014
See Wikipedia:"Polish death camp" controversy. Sometimes the politics of the Wrong seems to misunderstand things deliberately. Previous 'misunderstandings': National Socialism, Islamofascism Gunboat Diplomacy (WP)

Cloud Cuckoo Land[edit]

Right but not correct[edit]

Social Services, EPA, legislative constraints on business practice...etc etc etc ad nauseum. Every government agency and then some.

Who is it exactly has the problem with authority? Perhaps, the 'patriots' that whine when the Taxman comes to ask for money for their country?

Captains of industry[edit]

  • No. 57: Captains of industry boldly wait and see if local businesses become successful, and then proliferate innovation by imitating their business model, forging ahead into a world where all local profits can be first be boldly skimmed at corporate headquarters
  • No. 78: Captains of industry take the lead in retreating from investing in areas of the economy that need assistance, boldly forging ahead into a world where nobody does anything for anyone
  • No. 114: Captains of industry stand bravely alone against the tides and currents of competition, except when they boldly join together in secret price fixing agreements

Eternal War[edit]

Removed Sunday 30th Oct, 2011:

Capitalist Cloud Cuckoo Land[edit]

Nimble suits[edit]

" is faster at dealing with change than government..."
Government Committee:
Staid and slow. Cautious. Afraid of changes that bring potential loss
News report: "Several FISA judges said they also remain puzzled by Bush's assertion that the court was not 'agile' or 'nimble' enough to help catch terrorists"
Board of Directors:
Imaginative and quick. Bold. Daring. Unafraid of changes that bring potential loss

Forum post: "...'No private company can compete with the government. Private firms must turn a profit, or at least break even to survive; whereas the US government can just print money'...'The only way that the government alternative can hedge out private insurance is if the government program does it better than private industry.' Forum post reply: 'If private industry is as agile and as efficient as it is supposed to be, competing with a big slow government organization should be easy'..."

Government in fact has no reason to exist, outside of making changes.
Business does, though; counting the money
Removed Thursday, 22nd March, 2012:


"We cannot expect that all nations will adopt like systems, for conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth." - John F. Kennedy
File:Mao and Chiang1945.jpg
"let a hundred schools of thought contend."
- Mao Tse Dong

The suit. No other item of clothing has remained static and unchanged for over a century. Every other century, even during the middle ages, saw changes in clothing at varying paces. The suit is a symptom not only of groupthink (WP) in the business sector, but stagnation.

The Mao suit (WP), widely ridiculed in the West as a symbol of conformity, was actually based on the Western business suit, albeit a suit for all the people.

Removed 1st April, 2011:
Emergency Warning
Tsunami alert for the Pacific -Wikinews story
8.9 Earthquake Triggers Devastating Tsunami in Japan DN!
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