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September in the Wars for Capitalism

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Sitting Bull in 1883
• 8th of September, 1883 — United States of America: Sitting Bull, main chief of the Sioux tribes, delivers a speech insulting and making fools of US authorities to great applause. Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake), whose position was being bypassed by US authorities because he firmly stood against the robbery of the native peoples, spoke at the celebration of the driving of the last spike in the Northern Pacific railroad joining with the transcontinental system. He delivered the speech in his Sioux language, departing from a speech originally prepared with an army translator. Denouncing the US government, settlers and army, the listeners thought he was delivering a speech of welcome and praise. While giving the speech Sitting Bull paused for applause periodically, bowed, smiled and continued insulting and making asses of the audience and US authorities as the translator delivered the original address.[1]
• 4th of September, 1886, United States of America: Legendary Apache Geronimo surrenders to General Nelson A. Miles at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona, ending the last major US-Indian conflict. Geronimo had led a small band of men, women and children out of forced internment on the San Carlos reservation, successfully evading thousands of US and Mexican troops, regiments of Indian auxiliaries, and an unknown number of civilians, for over 18 months in the Southwest wilderness
• 9th of September, 1898, Puerto Rico: US and Spanish Commissions meet in San Juan to discuss the details of the withdrawal of Spanish troops and the cession of the island to the United States
• 4th September, 1903, United States of America: Cripple Creek, Colorado, where mine owners are trying to bust the labor union, police and deputy sheriffs are relieved of their duties and all citizens are required to register their firearms. Governor Peabody sends in the the militia. In 1904 they seize the local sympathetic newspaper, and round up strikers into "bullpens" or take them to the Kansas border and abandon them. Dozens are arrested without warrants… General Sherman Bell of the Colorado National Guard shouted, "Habeus Corpus, hell! We'll give 'em post mortems."
• 28th of September, 1917, US: 166 Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World/IWW union activists) indicted for interfering with the war effort in the 'war to end all war'. The first move in an illegal but successful US government campaign to (with no offense intended to those who struggle) cripple the radical union movement. The First World War, that like those that preceded it, was openly a war of conquest. WWI opened so many ordinary people's eyes to the horrors of war, and consequently met with the first organized resistance to war. The resulting anti-war movement grew to great strength, but did not rise to the true threat of Hitler, and the radically less severe threat of the Soviet Great Purge, and not only lost credibility for its lack of a stand against Hitler, but allowed the USSR's politicide to be conflated with the Nazi's genocide.
• 4th of September, 1918 — Russia: American troops land at Archangel in North Russia, one year after the Russian Revolution, to "protect U.S. interests." (see also 1918 August 3, 1920 August 8, 1919 April 7). They are ultimately soundly defeated in a little known US invasion with disastrous effects of US Foreign policy in the following decades. Allied invasion and intervention is continuous from 1918-20. The US 27th Regiment was part of the Allied force in Siberia. The US 31st Infantry Regiment (Polar Bears), as well as British, Canadian, Czech, Chinese, Italian, French, and Japanese troops, also participated.[2]
• 4th of September, 1921, United States of America: Federal troops march up Hewitt Creek in Logan County after gaining a cease fire the the Battle of Blair Mountain yesterday. Efforts to unionize the southern West Virginia coal fields are ended with the arrival of the 10th US Infantry
• 1926, China: United States of America Marines begin fighting in the Yangtze Valley (until Oct. 21, 1927)
• Klaus Barbie, the Nazi "Butcher of Lyon", Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) and later CIA, German intelligence (BND) and Gladio agent: In Sept. 1935, joined the SS (Schutzstaffel); Sicherheitsdienst (SD) special security branch. Involved in the September 1944 massacre in Rehaupal. In Sept. 1991, died.
• 1st of September, 1939: Germany invades Poland, starts World War II. World War II shocks the conscience, but weakens it all the same. It opens US intelligence and military capabilities to worldwide level, and US government eyes to the possibilities of an American empire, while at the same time informing the world public of all the culture and diversity of the world worth saving from their depredations. It is the use of Nazis to catch other Nazis that leads to the weakening of institutional morality in the OSS, which becomes a CIA fully controlled by anti-communist and pro-capitalist agendas, whereupon the Nazi-collaborating Gladio murders and sets murderers free, all to manipulate European politics
• 9th of September, 1942 — United States of America: The only time the American mainland has ever been attacked, if you believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Japan floats incendiary balloons across the Pacific, flying over Oregon, in an attempt to set fire to the forests of Oregon and Washington. The forests failed to ignite. Europe is devastated by the second of two world wars, and has every reason to fear and despise war, but to America, war means only the glorious lies of war propaganda and the erroneous argument that it is good for business (and what enterprise would not be good for profits, with a desperate or browbeaten workforce on low wages and rationed goods? With the end result being bodies, wounded, and the smoke of burning buildings and bombs, there is not much to be said either for its product, the one aspect of production that capitalist economists always fail to mention)
• 3rd of September, 1954, United States of America: Espionage and Sabotage Act authorizes five years imprisonment for trespassing on Government property;[3] Congress passes a bill to revoke the citizenship of persons convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the government
• Guatemalan coup d'état of 1954: CIA Operation PBHISTORY (WP): The National Committee of the Defense against Communism continues to gather names of "communists"; by November they had 72,000, subject to arrest and detention without legal defense or appeal.[4]
• 5th of September, 1961 — United States of America: President Kennedy orders resumption of nuclear testing, "underground, with no fallout." (see December 9, 10 and 18)
• 1st September, 1965, Dominican Republic: A provisional president installed, following the "Act of Reconciliation." It has lasted 132 days, this war of wood & knife & carbines against American mortars & machine guns. The city smells of powder & sweepings & dead. They have not accepted treason nor consolation and thus are crushed. They fought at night, every night, all the night, ferocious battles house-to-house, hand-to-hand, inch-to-inch, until from the bottom of the sea they raised the sun...and then they hid until the following night. After many such nights of horror & glory, the invading American troops install again a puppet who knows well the song & dance of US business.[5] [6] [7]
• 24th of September, 1968, United States of America: Anti-war protestors destroy 10,000 draft files in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• 8th of September, 1971 — United States of America: Beginning of the Attica Prison revolt. Interracial uprising in NY lasting four days, with cooperation between prisoners of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, which is finally brutally suppressed by the state, with 41 left dead. The prisoners were unreasonably demanding improvements in their living and working conditions. "A guy who rigs aluminum prices can get himself introduced by Georgie Jessel at $100 dollars a plate but stealing a can of beer can get you iced."— Ishmael Reed, YELLOW BACK RADIO BROKE-DOWN[1][2] An identical prison riot (even assuming, on the sparse evidence, that there was one, internet censorship, and allegations of terrorist attacks against the US are the only excuse for the US ignoring UN outcries and bombing Libya into regime change and backing the assassination of its leader forty years later.
• 1973, Chile: 15th of September: Victor Jara murdered in massacre after American-sponsored overthrow of Salvador Allende. Also killed is at least one American Wobbly; Background materials on the Chilean workers' movement in the 1970s: Recollectionbooks[8]
• 8th of September, 1976, England: Hull Prison revolt. For four days in September 1976, prisoners take over three of the four wings of Hull prison. Included, Jake Prescott (in prison for his activities with the anarchist Angry Brigade). Their protests include conditions in prison workshops, where furniture is made for prisons in Iran. Thusly, rioting prisoners on the roof shout, "Fuck the Shah of Iran! Fuck the Shah of Iran!"
George Bush Sr. steals again in 1989 more or less what Jimmy Carter returned in 1977
• 7th of September, 1977, Panama: Omar Torrijos and Jimmy Carter sign a treaty returning sovereignty of the Canal Zone to Panamá. General Torrijos says he does not want to enter history. He wants to enter the Canal Zone, stolen by the US at the beginning of the century. When accused of serving Moscow or Havana, Torrijos laughs. Every people, he says, swallows its own aspirin for its own headache. and if it comes down to it, he gets along with the Castristas better than the castrati. Under pressure of world opinion, the US agrees to slowly return the Canal in stages. "Itʼs better this way," says Torrijos, relieved. They've saved him the disagreeable task of blowing up the canal and all its installations.[9]
• 1979, England: The 'Persons Unknown' trial opens. The state's lack of evidence is evident by their charge; six anarchists were charged with 'conspiracy with persons known & unknown to cause explosions'. The six were found not guilty, and a member of the jury became an anarchist...
• 17th of September, 1980, Nicaragua. Anastasio Somoza Debayle (WP) assassinated. With US support, followed up the rule as dictator by his father, (WP), with his own. De facto leader of Nicaragua until his death. The US backed the Somoza family rule as its best connection to US business interests, and its means of assassinating anarchism-influenced freedom fighter Augusto César Sandino (WP)
• 5th of September, 1981 — England: After 20,000 march in a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament protest in London against the deployment of nuclear-armed Cruise Missiles and the MX-20 cruise-missiles-on-rails project, the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp is established outside one of scores of United States Air Force Bases on English soil (Greenham Air Base) as "Women For Life On Earth". Some recall Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and say that Britain is now "Airstrip One". US general Alexander Haig is soon to come on BBC Radio and declare his support for not only 'first strike' but a 'limited nuclear war in Europe' as a contingency plan against a Soviet tank invasion
• 1st of September, 1985, US: To avert Senate passage of sanctions against the apartheid (WP) regime in South Africa, after 11 western nations have already imposed sanctions, Ronald Reagan announces a much less effective sanction package
• 1st of September, 1986 -- Charles Liteky & George Mizo begin Fast For Life in Washington D.C against US support of Nicaraguan Contra (WP) anti-socialist death squads / anti-democratic 'regime change' usurpers.
• 1st of September, 1987 -- US: During a nonviolent protest at Concord Naval Weapons Station, a Navy munitions train runs over San Francisco activist S. Brian Willson, at a blockade protesting American arms shipments to the Contras, when the train fails to stop. Willson loses both legs but remains an active & articulate leader in the anti-military movement. He is later sued by civilian members of the train crew for the "humiliation, embarrassment & emotional distress" the incident caused them
GHW in the Oval Office sometime around the time of his address to the US
• 1st of September, 1989 -- US: No Wise Cracks?: the Bush Senior administration decides to purchase some crack cocaine so George Bush can hold the drug in his hands during a national address near the beginning of the 'War on Drugs'. On the first attempt, the drug dealer didn't show up. On the second try, an undercover drug agent's body microphone didn't work. Today, trying for the third time, Big Shrub's team scores the crack, but the operator videotaping the deal misses the action as a homeless person assaults him. Bush's son, Little Shrub, a drug user & 1999 presidential candidate, refuses to talk of his cocaine use — or about all the people doing long prison-time in Texas (where he is state Governor) for the same crime. The WoD is a unique style of Wars for Capitalism operation, in that it contains the same subterfuge and misdirection as a black flag operation, but in reverse. The US government uses the illegality of drugs to attack the Left, which they know is linked to the drug culture, but deals drugs to the inner cities, mistakenly believing that it will weaken the users and correctly deducing (kind of a no brainer, though) that it will make them boatloads of untraceable money to fund their wars and put most of the lefty drug culture in prison. (CIA drug trafficking)
• 20th of September, 1990, Iraq: Saddam Hussein demands US networks broadcast his message, of peace, love, and harmony for all the children of planet Earth
Aristide and wife Mildred in 2004
• In 1991, the US had backs a coup d'état (WP) of democratically-elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide. By 1994, the UN, suspecting US involvement and opposed to the military regime that replaced Aristide, is determined that it should be deposed. The writing is on the wall for the US, and it feints in the opposite direction, involving itself in Aristide's return to Haiti with Operation Uphold Democracy. Later, the back-up plan is revealed, as the US uses its involvement as leverage to extract promises from Aristide to change Haiti's policies to be favorable to the US. Because these reactionary pro-multinational steps backward would have reverted Aristide's reforms, and changed Haitian government to the same form as planned by Aristide's 1990 opponent, the US demands would have entirely nullified the elections, thereby subverting the democracy they claim to support yet again. Aristide is one of the very few world leaders that has ever double-crossed the US and survived; he promised the changes, and then went on with his original plans. A great man who will always be remembered by Anarchopedia as standing up to the greatest and most insidiously evil force in history. Not surprisingly, albeit with obvious implications for its moral code, the US then usurps Haitian democracy a second time by kicking Aristide out again in 2004. It was not the last such meddling, and there will others; see 2011 USA intervention in Haitian elections and the recent discovery of Gold in Haiti.
• 1995: Operation Deliberate Force NATO bombing campaign during the Bosnian War arrives too late to prevent some of the most heinous war crimes of the century, and by employing only massive force, perpetrates many of the crimes which it is ostensibly mandated to prevent or correct
• 1st of September, 1996, Germany: 16 activists in Stuttgart arrested at EUROCOM, the U.S. Armed Forces command HQ for Europe, Africa, & the Middle East (& central NATO command), in a protest of NATO expansion into Eastern Europe
• 1st of September, 1997, England: Kurdish and British activists blockade an arms trade (WP) exhibition outside London. 89 arrested
• 5th of September, 2001, Peru: Homicide charges are filed against exiled ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori. [Source: Robert Braunwart]
• 5th of September, 2002 — United States of America: George W. Bush and British PM Tony Blair meet to drum up international support for war on Iraq, Camp David, Md. Most of the world, sans the US media, Congressmen, politicians and a small portion of gullible Americans, reject their concoction of half-truths, distortions and outright lies.[10][11] [Source: Robert Braunwart]. UN human-rights chief Mary Robinson accuses the United States of America, Russia and China of hiding behind the war on terrorism to trample civil rights. [Source: Robert Braunwart]
• 2004: Luigi Ciavardini, member of the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari is arrested for a bank robbery. The NAR and Ciavardini specifically is connected, with the Terza Posizione to the Gladio bombing named the Bologna massacre. Before and after the 2004 arrest, Ciavardini was in and out of prison, repeatedly freed by Gladio-corrupted Italian justices of not only the bank robbery charge, not only two cover-up assassinations, but the Bologna massacre itself
• 2007: Saffron Revolution (WP): Myanmar's junta has stated that nationwide monk protests, which took place in August and September, were the results of timely collaborated plots of "a Western power" and antigovernment groups aiming to install a puppet government in the country. The Myanmar junta used to refer to the United States as "a Western power".[12] This is not as implausible as it sounds; the CIA continues to back the Tibetan Buddhists that were the first group (in 1950) they ever fully backed against another country, see 14th Dalai Lama, section 'CIA backing'

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