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Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands

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Gay & Lesbian Kingdom
of the Coral Sea Islands
Motto: tba
(English: tba)
Musical Anthem: I am what I am
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: Coral Sea Islands
Area claimed: Coral Sea Island Territory
Membership: Gay & Lesbian people
Date of foundation: 2004 June 14
Leadership: Emperor Dale I
(Dale Parker Anderson)
Purported organisational structure: Constitutional monarchy
Language: English
Purported currency: Euro
Map of the claimed 'kingdom'

The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands is a micronation established as a symbolic political protest by a group of gay rights activists based in southeast Queensland Australia.

On 2004 June 14, the group 'claimed' the Coral Sea Island Territory and 'seceded' from Australia after sailing to the largest island in the group and raising the rainbow flag there. One of the group's members, Dale Parker Anderson (born 1965), was declared Emperor, as Dale I. The "secession" was staged in protest at a decision to ban gay marriage made by the Australian parliament.

Since 2005 the Australian group has allegedly been embroiled in internal disputes and "secessions" by various factions. These include two American-based groups, the Gay and Lesbian Commonwealth Kingdom, headed by Jaix Broox, and the Unified Gay Tribe, led by Bill Freeman and Enrique Pérez, and the German based Gay Homeland Foundation led by Victor Zimmermann. Allegedly, none of these groups claims the territory of the Coral Sea Islands, so their organisational nature is unclear.

The "kingdom's" claims are not recognised by any state, and as no permanent settlement has been established, the Coral Sea Islands remain uninhabited by humans.

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