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Invasions, coups, wars and other sustained military actions against states after 1945 without international mandate for exception are illegal under the spirit of international law according to the precedent set by the Nuremberg trials Nuremberg Principles Principle VI (a) (i) : "War of aggression", and should have the category: Category:Invasions after 1945

The International Criminal Court's Crime of aggression covers single isolated instances of attacks, bombardments, armed violations of territory, permitting other states to use one's own territory to perpetrate acts of aggression and the employment of armed irregulars or mercenaries to carry out acts of aggression. Blockades are acts of aggression although they are sustained. Use Category:Invasions after 2010 when applicable

Category:Act of aggression should be used on its own for the same violations as the ICC's, as they are also violations under the precedent set by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3314 and should have the category: Category:Invasions after 1975. Use Category:Crime of aggression

See Category:War of aggression


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