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Glad to see the back of this libertarian palaver. 12 April 2011. Law of Greed & Desperation (aka Law of Supply & Demand) in.

Archived 23 Jan 11. The redundant & slightly pushy 'did you know?' .....that X? now reformatted to the weird sounding, with a non-sexual double- or triple-, or who knows how many if you are stoned on something, -meaning, 'Such that you may know'... X

  • ...that circumcision removes the ridged band, which is the most sexually sensitive part of the penis?
  • ...that theocratic ideology is the combination of authoritarianism and collectivism?
  • ...that many left-wing articles criticize Barack Obama?
  • ...that a cooperative conglomerate allows workers to change jobs without losing their rights as members of the cooperative?
  • ...that workers' self-management is a form of economic system in which economic enterprises are democratically managed by the workers themselves?
  • ...that AK Press, a worker-run book publisher which specialize in anarchist publications, has doubled the number of units it sells over the past decade and grossed $1.4 million in 2007?

Removed by User:Complacency is insanity 2010-Jan '11 ish, without archiving

  • ...that infosyndicalism refers to the promotion of free and commons-based media or media-centric public interests through syndicalism and syndical activism?
  • ...that anarcho-transhumanism is an adaptation of anarchist ideals (anti-hierarchy, anti-repression, anti-restriction) to the tenets of the transhumanist movement in cultural, intellectual and political spheres?
  • ...that green infoanarchism is the combination of the ideals of green anarchism with the ideals of infoanarchism in order to develop an ideology that promotes and theorizes the development of a greener information-based society that rejects repression in all its forms?
  • ...that the Association for a Student Syndical Solidarity is a Quebec-based students' union founded in February 2001 which advocates free schools at all levels and for all?