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September 16

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September 16 is the 16th day in September.


1887 -- Ferdinand Gambon dies. French lawyer, magistrate; socialist, anarchist & pacifist revolutionary.

Coined the famous pacifist slogan "War Against War!".

1897 -- Louise Michel est arrêtée à Bruxelles et expulsée de Belgique. No matter where she goes, that rascal Louise just can't stay out of trouble.

1901 -- US: Capitol Offense? Chicago newspaper reports there are anarchists in Washington D.C.

1904 -- US: Guiseppe Ciancabilla dies.

Ciancabilla was one of the important figures of the anarchist movement who immigrated to the US in the late 1800s, along with Merlino, Gori, Erico Malatesta, Tresca, & Galleani.

1915 -- US: Emma Goldman scheduled to speak at a meeting to rally support for David Caplan & [[Matthew Schmidt]] prior to the opening of their trials.

1920 -- US: Bomb explosion outside the J.P. Morgan Company on NY's Wall Street kills 30, injures over 100, & does $2 million worth of damage.

In revenge for the prosecution of Sacco & Vanzetti,
Mario Buda, (practitioner of "propaganda by the deed"),
detonates a horse-&-buggy bomb.

1923 -- Japanese anarchist Osugi Sakae, his partner, & a 6-year-old nephew brutally murdered by military police. Their bodies are found in a well 4 days from now.

1936 -- Spain: Based in Barcelona, the anarchist stronghold in Catalonia, from September 16- December 10, Emma Goldman helps write the English language edition of the CNT-FAI's information bulletin & visits liberated areas.

1937 -- Spain: Emma Goldman visits until November 05, primarily in Barcelona. Emma is alarmed by the number of political prisoners being held by the Spanish Republican government, especially anarchists & POUMists.

1982 -- Lebanon: Israeli Massacre of 1000+ Palestinian civilian refugees at Chatila & Sabra camps begins.

2002 -- US: University of California censors strike again, shut down student web pages at Burn! site. In the police-state atmosphere following 911, come armed the academic terrorists with their web-shredders... Included is the Anarcht Now! site.

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