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September 20

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September 20 is the 20th day in September.


1870 — France: Establishment of the Lyon Commune sparks the revolutionary upsurge throughout the Rhone valley, giving the impetus to the Marseilles & Paris Communes.

1882 — Switzerland: Jura Federation's annual Congress [1]

1895 — Italy: A successful protest movement leads to the amnesty of Luigi Molinari. [2]

1898 — Brazil: Italian Polenice Mattei, Brazil's first anarchist martyr, assassinated in São Paulo.

1953 — Under the pseudonym Gilles Ivain, Ivan Chtcheglov completes his 'Formulary for a new Urbanism.' [3]

1961 — The Hamburg Theses by Guy Debord, Attila Kotànyi and Raoul Vaneigem, worked out, with later contributions from novelist Alexander Trocchi.

1990 — Iraq: Saddam Hussein demands US networks broadcast his message, of peace, love, and harmony for all the children of planet Earth.

2001 — Canada: The Anarchist, Surrealist, Hallucinatory Film Festival, Toronto.

2003 — US: Imperialism is Off-Sides! Anarchy Rules! Boston NEFAC Soccer Tournament hits the field as a fundraiser for the Anarchist People of Color (APOC) Conference being held in Detroit in October. This game follows shortly on the heels (sic) of the second game in the Bay Area Revolutionary Soccer Tournament, where the anarchist Kronstadt FC (KFC) whupped the communist Left Wing.

2007 — United Kingdom: Prison death demonstration to protest against yet another death in custody. Lisa Doe (aged 25, a young mother) died on September 11 in HMP Send. The demonstration outside of that prison lasted for around 3 hours, and an attempt was made to stop the van from bringing in a prisoner (with an argument that the prison is unsafe), after police has shown up, the van was allowed to enter. No arrests were made.

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