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List of Anarchist Books

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Anarchism and Libertarian Socialism have been the subjects of a number of works of literature, both nonfiction and fiction. This is a partial list of notable writers of both historical and theoretical nature. This list is meant to provide a starting ground on which to access the bodies of knowledge concerning anarchism and it's closely related philosophies.



Christian anarchism
collectivist anarchism
egoist anarchism
green anarchism
individualist anarchism

Anarchism in culture

anarchism and religion
anarchism and society
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criticisms of anarchism
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Anarchist theory

origins of anarchism
anarchist economics
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anarchist symbolism
propaganda of the deed
post-left anarchy

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anomie, anti-racist action
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Online Resources for Anarchist Literature[edit]

It is common for anarchists today to disseminate anarchist literature by means of online internet archives and there are many open source resources such as Project Gutenberg which contain the majority of literature that have expired copyright restrictions.

Historical Nonfiction[edit]

Classical and Contemporary Anarchist Theorists[edit]

The following is a partial list of notable nonfiction works discussing anarchist theory predating the 21st century. Works by Proudhon and Bukhanin are considered to be the foundation of anarchist thought. These thinkers and their writings are often considered the predecessors of modern anarchism and libertarian socialist thought. Anarchism has been heavily influenced by and intertwined with the philosophy of freedom, reflected in works by Hegel and Nietzsche.

(~) means same author
Author Title Text ISBN
Mikhail Bakunin God and the State Wikisource text
~ The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State text
~ The Capitalist System text
~ Stateless Socialism: Anarchism text
~ The Immorality of the State text
Alexander Berkman What is Anarchism? text
~ Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Wikisource text
Hakim Bey Temporary Autonomous Zone text
Tony Blackplait The Anarchists: Agents of Anarchy. Prelude of World Revolution. The History of Anarchist Movement ISBN 9985944887
Murray Bookchin Post-Scarcity Anarchism ISBN 1904859062
~ Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism text ISBN 187317683X
L. Susan Brown The Politics of Individualism
Noam Chomsky Notes on Anarchism text
~ Chomsky on Anarchism ISBN 1904859208
Voltairine de Cleyre Direct Action text
CrimethInc. Days of War, Nights of Love audio ISBN 097091010X
Sam Dolgoff Fragments: a memoir ISBN 0946222045
Jacques Ellul The Technological Society
William Godwin An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice Wikisource text
Emma Goldman Anarchism and Other Essays text
~ Living My Life text
Uri Gordon Anarchy Alive!: Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory source ISBN 9780745326832
David Graeber Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology text PDF
Robert Graham Anarchism. A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas. text ISBN 1551642506
William Batchelder Greene Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic, and Financial Fragments text
~ Equality text
~ Mutual Banking text
Daniel Guérin Anarchism: From Theory to Practice text
Agustin Guillamon The friends of Durruti group 1937-1939 text ISBN 1873176546
Peter Kropotkin Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution text
~ The Conquest of Bread Wikisource text
~ Memoirs of a Revolutionist text
Nestor Makhno The struggle against the state and other essays text ISBN 1873176783
Errico Malatesta Anarchy Wikisource text
Peter Marshall Demanding The Impossible, A History of Anarchism ISBN 0006862454
Albert Meltzer Anarchism: Arguments For and Against text ISBN 1873176570
William Morris News from Nowhere text
Max Nettlau A short history of anarchism ISBN 0900384891
Saul Newman From Bakunin to Lacan
Geoffrey Ostergaard The tradition of workers control ISBN 0900384913
Fredy Perlman Against His-Story, Against Leviathan excerpts:1 2
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon What Is Property? Wikisource text
~ The General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century text
Rudolf Rocker Anarcho-Syndicalism text
Roy San Filippo A new world in our hearts
Max Stirner The Ego And Its Own text
Linda & Morris Tannehill The Market for Liberty ISBN 0-930073-08-8
Leo Tolstoy The Kingdom of God is Within You Wikisource text
various The State is Your Enemy ISBN 0900384573
Raoul Vaneigem The Revolution of Everyday Life text
Volin The Unknown Revolution
Colin Ward Anarchy in Action
Stefan Molyneux Everyday Anarchy [1]
~ ' 'Practical Anarchy [2]


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Primitivist / Anti-Civ[edit]


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Some fictional books display anarchy in a positive light:

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