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Anarcho-tribalism is a type of anarchist ideology and social system, in which there is little or no central government, and individuals form voluntary associations with eachother so as to form self-governing tribes.

Anarcho-tribalism must not be conflated with anarcho-primitivism, though the two can be combined. In an anarcho-tribalist system, a given tribe may have any level of technology, unless otherwise stated.

Usage by so called "nationalist anarchists"[edit]

Anarcho-tribalism or ethnic tribalism is a term heavily employed by self-titled, third positionist "national anarchists", nazis that take the guise of a anarchist movement as part of a political tactic of entryism and propagating racism on a tribal basis. Sadly, this also shows that there are dangerous intersections in the antimodernist thinking of some anarcho-primitivists and far-right ideologies, both sharing the imagination of a idealized past compared to the often confusing-seeming present.