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Left anarchism or left-wing anarchismTemplate:Ref label refers to forms of anarchism that are seen by some on the 'left of politics'. It posits a future society in which property does not exist and is replaced by reciprocity and non-hierarchical society.[1][2] Left-wing anarchism is thus distinguished from free-market anarchism[3] or "right-wing" anarchism (such as that of Murray Rothbard).[4]

Ulrike Heider,Template:Ref label who claims to be syndicalist, in Anarchism: Left, Right and Green categorizes anarchism into left anarchism, right anarchism (anarcho-capitalism), and green anarchism.[5]Template:page number Left-wing anarchism has been visible in anti-globalization protests, such as in Seattle in 1999 against the World Trade Organization.[6] Paul Thagard argues that "left-wing anarchist" societies can only survive in small groups. He claims that in a large society, "in order to facilitate freedom, flourishing, and fairness, having some form of government is preferable to having no state at all."[7]


I.Template:Note label Left anarchism is sometimes used synonymously with libertarian socialism,[8] left libertarianism,[8] communitarian anarchism,[9] or socialist anarchism.[7]
II.Template:Note label Heider's work has been strongly criticised by anarchist academics including Bryan Caplan and Murray Bookchin for the allegedly poor quality of its research and presentation.[10][11]


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