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Echo of Freedom, Radical Podcast

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See Voice of Freedom for other things refered to as Voice of Freedom.
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Hello, World! Anarchism, and I
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Echo of Freedom, Radical Podcast (previously Voice of Freedom, Radical Podcast) is a podcast maintained by VolodyA! V Anarhist that deals with different radical issues and posts poetry. The first podcast was created on April 6 2006. In the first episodes audio quality of the podcasts was quite poor due to the hardware used to record it, this issue however was resolved After December 23 2006 by using a better mixer and higher quality audio equipment. The podcast is recorded with free and open source software and since the December 23 podcast the OGG Vorbis audio codec has been used.


All of the content on the podcast is in public domain, unless stated otherwise. Distribution is encouraged, and they are also available for anonymous download on Freenet. The podcasts have too been featured on Anarchopedia radio.


VolodyA! V Anarhist also posts audio poetry on this podcast that is written and read by an. Most of the poetry was originally written for currently unmaintained zine When Gendarme Sleeps.


Since 2007 December 1 a Russian language version of the podcast was initiated (called Эхо Свободы, Радикальный Подкаст). English language version is still created.

Topics discussed in two languages are usually not the same.

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