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gender neutral third person pronoun

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Gender neutral third person pronoun is a pronoun which reffers to the person other than the speaker or the listener without regard to that third person's gender or sex. They are used when a person is trans/androgynous, when the gender of a person is unknown (or the person is under a gender-neutral alias), or when gender doesn't matter.


  • he (archaic)
  • he/she or she/he
  • (s)he or s/he
  • ee (created from the sound in the end of he' and she)
  • an (created from the indefinite article)
  • they can be used, referring to a single person, called Singular they. In some cases, such as Some people believe the fallacy that if one doesn't work and get rich, they can't eat., singular they is appropriate as a gender-neutral pronoun. This was used in Shakespeare's work, but is not grammatically correct. Also, they can be confusing in phrases such as They are not involved in politics when "they" refers to one person. This can also be very awkward.
  • ze or xe (pronounced [zi] like the letter Z, to rhyme with he or she.