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Years :
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>== Events ==

  • October 9: North Korea claims to have detonated its first nuclear weapon.


  • March 1: Joëlle Aubron (1959-2006) dies of cancer in Paris. He was an anarchist member of the group Action Directe. Action Directe went after symbols of capitalist exploitation (corporations, police, Ministries of Labour, Ministries of Defense). These included the killing of General Audran (responsible for the sales of French weapons).
  • July 30: Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) dies in Burlington, Vermont. He was known for being an autoworker, anarchist militant and theorist. Additionally, he was a pioneer in the ecology movement, introducing the concept of social ecology. He taught at Ramapo College (1977-1981). In Burlington, Bookchin was instrumental in helping to organize the Green Party. He also co-founded the Institute for Social Ecology in Plainfield in 1971. Bookchin published over two dozen books ecology, history, politics, philosophy, and urban planning.