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Liberated Syndication

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Liberated Syndication or LibSyn is a corporation that provides people with podcasting services. It is distinguished from others such organisations by relatively low price and high tolerance for freedom of speech.


While we may not always agree with what you are going to say, we will push our servers to
their death to defend your right and ability to say it.

This is what it says on the front page of LibSyn. After being bought out by Wizzard Media the policy didn't change [1]

LibSyn has proven their anti-censorship stance when they refused to roll over and ban Pedologues, a podcast by Rookiee Revolyob discussing child sexuality and paedophilia, after being harrassed by Christian fundementalists and other anti-pedophiles, such as Perverted Justice [2].


LibSyn began operating some time in 2004.

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