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infosyndicalism refers to the promotion of free and commons-based media or media-centric public interests through syndicalism and syndical activism, mostly directed at organizations which distribute and reposit media. This would take the form of free speech unions, which would consist of those who produce, distribute, and organize various forms of media for public consumption:

  • bloggers
  • Users and user groups
  • Librarians
  • Animators
  • forum posters
  • wiki editors
  • journalists


As freedom of speech has evolved with the development of media institutions which contain and distribute media archives and technologies which assist in this development, the role of the creator or producer of media has become less tied to the structures of corporate apparati, most recently with the encouragement of citizen journalism by the businesses, which fund and operate the media archives; citizen journalism, of course, is a cheaper, more cost-effective alternative for business corporations compared to the payment of journalists, columnists, videographers, sound editors and other positions.

This citizen journalism, alongside other buzzwords as "user-generated content", turns the viewers and readers into active contributors of material. But this is accompanied by TOSs that dictate exactly what one can and cannot do or post on the site or media archive; some websites have banned users and content due to often-liberally-applied TOS violations.

Thus, as it has increased a draconian, authoritarian and insensitive attitude towards users of media archives and material, direct action would then be needed to counter or challenge the actions resulting from such an attitude of the media archive services. Compelling the managers and administrators of the media archives to fulfilling demands that would benefit the users' rights would be imperative in such a situation.


The first great direct action, albeit unorganized, of an infosyndicalist type was probably the AACS encryption key controversy of 2007.

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