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green infoanarchism

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Green infoanarchism is the combination of the ideals of green anarchism with the ideals of infoanarchism in order to develop an ideology that promotes and theorizes the development of a greener information-based society that rejects repression in all its forms, whether to humans for thinking and speaking or non-humans for merely existing and assuming the same space as humans.

This may take into account the idea that technology, which has long been produced to create and move physical objects at ecological expense (i.e., transportation), needs to be rededicated towards the distribution of information and information-based objects so as to both reduce the economic dependence upon fossil-based, earth-extracted materials and reduce/obliterate the footprint of the exhaust of engines and buildings that are built using those same materials.

It would also emphasize the inclusion of non-human species and the general ecosystem within the information society by focusing on the parsing and translation of animal communication from and to human-spoken languages.

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