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list of anarchist organisations

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This list uses the word organization in its loosest sense. Some of the following groups would be better categorized as networks.

Dates of operation Name Base Description
1827-1830 Cincinnati Time Store Cincinnati, Ohio (US) Mutualist store
1864-18?? International Revolutionary Brotherhood International Secret organization founded by Mikhail Bakunin
1871-??? Jura Federation Switzerland Regional federation
1872-1877 Anarchist St. Imier International International Network formed by federations expelled from the First International
1886-Present Freedom Press London, England Publisher
1891-1893 Socialist Revolutionary Anarchist Party Italy National organization
1905-Present Industrial Workers of the World International Union
1906-Present Anarchist Black Cross International Political support organization
1910-Present Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden Sweden Anarcho-syndicalist trade union federation
1910-Present Confederación Nacional del Trabajo Spain Confederation of anarcho-syndicalist labor unions
1911-1912 Bonnot Gang France and Belgium Illegalist criminal group
1922-Present International Workers Association International Anarcho-syndicalist federation of unions
1925-1928 Group of Russian Anarchists Abroad Russia Exiled group, publisher of Dielo Truda
1935-Present Federación Libertaria Argentina Argentina National federation
1946-1968 Japanese Anarchist Federation Japan National union
1962-Present Cuban Libertarian Movement Cuba Network of Cuban anarchists living in exile
1965-1967 Provo Amsterdam, Netherlands Counterculture movement
1966-1968 Diggers San Francisco, California (US) Guerilla theater
1966-1970 Black Mask/Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers New York City, New York (US) A Dada-influenced street gang
1967-??? Acratas Madrid, Spain Local protest group
1968-Present International of Anarchist Federations International Coordinator of federations
1970-1972 The Angry Brigade Britain Libertarian communist terrorist group
1977-Present Free Workers' Union Germany Anarcho-syndicalist labor union
1977-Present Jura Books Sydney, Australia Infoshop
1977-1987 Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation United States National federation
1979-Present Anarchist Black Cross Network International Political support organization
1979-Present Confederación General del Trabajo Spain Anarcho-syndicalist trade union
1979-Present Solidarity Federation United Kingdom Anarcho-syndicalist federation
198?-Present Haringey Solidarity Group London, England Local collective
1980-Present Food Not Bombs International Collectives serving free vegetarian food
1980-1983 Committee for Liquidation of Computers (CLODO) France Neo-luddite saboteurs
1981-1984 Libertarian Workers' Group New York City, New York (US) Anarcho-syndicalist affinity group
1982 Direct Action Canada Urban guerrillas
1982-Present Anarchist Bookfair London, England Organizers of annual bookfair
1983-Present Class War United Kingdom Class struggle group and publisher
1983-Present Workers Solidarity Alliance New York City, New York (US) Anarcho-syndicalist group
1984-Present Green Anarchist London, England Green anarchism publisher
1984-Present Workers Solidarity Movement Ireland Platformist organization
1986-Present Anarchist Federation Britain and Ireland Anarcho-communist federation
1986-Present Federation of Anarchist Communists Italy National anarcho-communist federation
1987-Present AK Press Oakland, California (US) Publisher and book distributor
1987-Present Anti-Racist Action Canada and United States Militant anti-fascist network
1987-1991 Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League Minnesota (US) Local network
1988-Present Federacja Anarchistyczna Poland National federation
1989-Present Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Ontario, Canada Anti-poverty direct action network
199?-Present Awareness League Nigeria Anarcho-syndicalist association
1991-Present Alternative libertaire France Publisher
1991-Present CIB Unicobas Italy Syndicalist union
1992-Present Critical Mass International Bicycle-centric direct action network
1992-Present Homes Not Jails United States Homelessness and prison abolition group
1992-Present Mujeres Creando Bolivia Anarcha-feminist collective
1993-1998 Love and Rage Federation United States and Mexico Continental federation
1993-Present Red and Anarchist Skinheads International Anti-racist, anti-fascist skinhead group
1993-Present Swedish Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation Sweden Anarcho-syndicalist federation
1995-Present Anarchist Black Cross Federation International Political support organization
1995-Present Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas Venezuela National network
1995-Present Federação Anarquista Gaúcha Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil National federation
1996-Present Institute for Anarchist Studies New York (US) Thinktank
1996-Present Peoples' Global Action International Anti-authoritarian communication and coordination network
1996-Present New Revolutionary Alternative Russia Underground insurrectionary group
1997-Present Bring the Ruckus United States Cadre organization
1997-Present G7 Welcoming Committee Records Canada Independent record label
1998-Present Biotic Baking Brigade United States Pie throwing activists
1998-Present CrimethInc. United States Decentralized anarchist collective
1998-2003 Movement Against the Monarchy London, England Anti-monarchist protest group
1999-2002 Direct Action Network United States Antiglobalist confederation
1999-Present Independent Media Center International Global network of participatory journalists
1999-Present North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists Canada and United States Regional platformist federation
1999-Present Space Hijackers United Kingdom Culture jammers
2000-Present Green Anarchy Eugene, Oregon (US) Regional federation
2001-Present Curious George Brigade New York City, New York (US) Thinktank
2001-2005 Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives United States Regional federation
2000-Present Rhizome Collective Austin, Texas (US) Local collective
2002-Present Autonomous Action Russia, Belarus and Ukraine National federation
2002-Present Red & Anarchist Action Network United States Anarchist-communist organization
2002-Present Thieves in Black Athens, Greece Criminal group
2003-Present Pittsburgh Organizing Group Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US) Local direction action group
2003-Present Anarchists Against the Wall Israel Direct action group opposing Israeli Gaza Strip and West Bank barriers
2003-Present Anarchist People of Color United States National network
2003-2006 Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians Collective Modesto, California (US) Local community activist collective
2003-2007 Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (ZabFed) South Africa Regional (i.e. Southern African) platformist anarchist communist federation of collectives.
2004-Present Capital Terminus Collective Atlanta, Georgia (US) Local collective
2004-Present Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group Melbourne, Australia Local federation
2004-2006 Queer Fist New York City, New York (US) Local LGBT collective
2005-Present Northwest Anarchist Federation Canada and United States Regional federation
2006-Present Anti-State Justice Athens, Greece Local terrorist cell
2006-Present Improvised Action Florida (US) Local collective
2006-Present New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists New York City, New York (US) Local network
2007-Present Project Libr8 Colorado (US) Media and education organization
2007-Present Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front South Africa Regional (i.e. Southern African) platformist-especifist anarchist communist political organisation; successor of ZabFed.
2010-Present Anarchist-Communist Party of the People (ACPP) Detroit, Michigan (US) Anarcho-Communist Revolutionary Faction
2012-Present Central Coast Direct Action Collective Monterey, California (US) Local collective
2012-Present Society of Anarchy United States Political Group, Non-Militant Survivalists, Discussion Forums
2013-Present Sosyal Ä°syan Turkey Libertarian Communist Organization

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