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infoAnarchy was a wiki taking a stance against censorship, copyrights, patents and even excessive enforcement of trademarks. The website promoted and discussed the subversion of intellectual property using tools like peer-to-peer file sharing, and has frequently made reference to alternative economic models like the idea of a "gift economy." All of infoAnarchy's text is automatically placed in the public domain.

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The idea for infoAnarchy came from an idea posted on[1]

Since 2006, the website and the wiki have been suffering maintenance problems, including off-line periods. A portion of the articles has been cloned into Anarchopedia, and continues to exist. As of June 1, 2010, the wiki is having problems once again, and is offline.

There is an archive (not a mirror) of the infoAnarchy content at: infoAnarchy wiki archive

InfoAnarchy wiki[edit]

The infoAnarchy wiki (or "iA wiki" for short) is a collection of openly editable pages on the subject of information retrieval, distribution and management. It is part of the infoAnarchy website. The Wiki's mission statement says:

Information related to file sharing, copyright, the gift economy, cyber liberties, peer to peer research, information tools, and similar topics which are discussed on infoAnarchy.[2]

The website' slogan is "Which future do you want to live in?" This alludes to the perspective that, if traditional intellectual property laws are rigidly enforced, the digital commons of the Internet might be destroyed.

The infoAnarchy Wiki uses the MediaWiki software (similar to Wikipedia). The rest of the infoAnarchy website is based on Scoop. All content contributed to the Wiki is in the public domain and may therefore be freely used for any purpose.

Articles on infoAnarchy wiki tend to be less verbose than those on other wiki or websites. A distinctive feature is the "See also:" line introducing every article.


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