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It is proposed to import the following articles from infoAnarchy wiki to Anarchopedia:

  • Articles relating to anarchism, or of interest to anarchists.
  • Other articles which are well written or content-rich, and which are "wanted" on Anarchopedia.

InfoAnarchy articles usually do not have the authoritarian bias which is common on Wikipedia, but they sometimes have a naive approach to economics and or ambivalent stance toward capitalism. This should be corrected when importing the article.

InfoAnarchy is offline since several days, and it is not clear whether the project it will ever be restored. A database of rescued infoAnarchy articles can be requested on IRC channel


Please use {{infoanarchy|infoAnarchy_name}} at the bottom of the article, possibly right before interwiki and categories. Please note that if infoAnarchy name and Anarchopedia name are both the same it may be omitted.