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Censorship in Wikimedia

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Following is a list of possible acts of censorship that took place on Wikipedia.

Please don't post events that cannot be proven, or acts that do not constitute political censorship. Try not to jump to conclusions.

Date Event Proof Note
2005 January 27 Anarchopedia article blocked from recreation 1

Deleted over not being notable. May not be censorship per se.

However, censorship resulting from restrictive application of a policy is still censorship.
2006 September 16 Rookiee Revolyob's account unblocking request has been declined and page remains deleted 2
2008 January 10 Large amounts of information repeatedly removed from Ilirida article by Macedonian nationalists. Entire article eventually deleted. 3 Not removed by active wikipedia editors.
2007 July Voice of Freedom, Radical Podcast references removed from Ukranian Wikipedia. 4 In Ukrainian. Page not blocked from recreation. May have been over notability.
2007 November Article about Ottawa Panhandlers Union was deleted. [1] The deletion happened after the article had been sabotaged several times by someone with an IP address inside the city of Ottawa. When the article was nominated for deletion, someone impersonated panhandler Proshanto Smith and sabotaged the nomination by expressing how he had broken the rules by voting several times to keep the article.
2008 February 8 Child abuse article "cleaned" from links. 5 6 Censorship per propaganda mode (probably only one of many examples)
2008 May 20 Sportvereinigung Dynamo "blocked" from editing to prevent completing this. Vandalism by many Admins in many sourced articles with facts. On the German, English and Chinese Wikipedia only the same. Deleting of sources and these facts of it. Witch hunting. 7 8 Censorship per propaganda mode and discriminating by introduced admin cliques and with suck puppet mode; immadiately blocking without diskussions. Every new account which is editing this article, is a suck puppet for them. Also "Nazi-Mode", because of the German success, although it's a SC of the GDR