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In response to those who would like to protect the rights of the detainees by deleting their Wikipedia articles, the response of a judge in denying the US Department of Defense the right to withhold information about the detainees:

"one might well wonder whether the detainees share the view that keeping their identities secret is in their own best interests"
Wikipedia:Jed S. Rakoff

Geo Swan Redirecting notice - Contributions starting 8 July until 15 August or so, so far

Rationales against deletion[edit]

Against deleting because it is dehumanizing, US propaganda, bleh bleh. The 'worst' stay on WP, the innocent get deleted. Which gives a distorted view of the imprisonment and procedures. The more innocent are in one sense more notable because unfair imprisonment is notable.

"Guantanamo" gets 134,000 hits on Google News. Are we to believe that this is because of the architecture of the internment facility there? Or perhaps the guards, or their uniforms? A score or two of Gitmo prisoner articles have been deleted, first on the basis of an outdated interpretation of the WP:PRIMARY rule that forbad all primary sources, and now an invocation of GNG that clearly contradicts the facts. Guantanamo prisoners have always been notable, and are a clear case for WP:IAR to bypass the contradiction with GNG. The article, like all Guantanamo prisoner articles, has been savagely cut, from a 32k article down to only 2k bytes,

Either the sincerity or competence of this notability-based deletion nomination is in question. Offering the inclusion of the article's subject in a list as a consolation prize to inclusionists is incompatible with the basis of the nomination, as list components must be notable in their own right. Which is it? Is this article notable, or is its inclusion in a list and therefore on WP altogether still threatened? Anarchangel

X: notability is not inherited

Not inherited from what, exactly?
An American base in Cuba is something of an anomaly, I will concede. But 134K? I think it is Gitmo that inherits notability from its inmates? Hmm, how might I test that? Let's see, coverage before the year 2001 might be good. 10,000 hits for the over 98 years between 1/1/1903, the year the base was founded, and 9/11/2001, the year, you know, that thing, happened. Google hits for the less than 11 years between 9/11 and today now total 136,000. I won't be arguing that these numbers are extremely accurate, I guess. Like it matters. Around 100 a year to well over 10,000 a year. Gitmo prisoners are 100 times as notable as their prison? Anarchangel

--NOTE DETAILED REBUTTAL OF US LEGAL STANCE on Mohammed Nasim 849 article-- AP ED tag and deserves it

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