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The Cannibal Within

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The Cannibal Within (2001, 2nd impression 2005) ISBN 186992827X, which was translated into Italian as Il Cannibale Dentro (2006) by Stefania Marchini from Edizione Clandestine ISBN 8889383356, is an erotic horror novella by the American historian and novelist Mark Mirabello.

The book, which is "wet with sin, slippery with blood, and slimy with fornication,” has anarchist and blasphemy themes.

Plot summary

The novella begins when a university professor encounters a mysterious, deformed woman with a obscene and violent tale to tell. She tells of a race of advanced creatures, referred to as Transhumans, who have lived in subterranean lairs for thousands of years. She had been abducted years before, when she and a friend were attacked while conducting a Satanic ritual with an infamous text, the Red Book of Apin.

The entities, who raped and abducted her, devoured her friend alive. The woman was taken to their dark, subterranean realm, and she was used as a caged breeder to produce hybrid babies for the monsters to consume.

After enduring horrific atrocities, the woman managed to escape and return to the surface world. She brought back with her a manuscript (written on human skin) explaining the origins and practices of this vile cannibalistic race.

According to the woman's book, we who live on the surface of the earth exist only as a food source for the Transhumans. We are cattle, in other words, and have been since the earliest days of our existence. The Transhumans, who are our ancestors, evolved higher intelligence thanks to cannibalism—more specifically—eating the fresh brains of the living. They retreated into the inner world when an apocalyptic event--a global fire--destroyed most of the planet.

The work goes on to describe, in minute and graphic detail, every aspect of the Transhumans' existence. We learn about their noxious mating rituals, their horrible and violence-filled life cycles, the political and social structure of their cities, their disgusting religious practices to hateful and violent gods, and a plethora of other information. We even learn how they use highly developed mental powers to hunt their human prey. The work describes, in stomach-churning detail, these disgusting creatures.

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