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Mark Mirabello

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Dr. Mark Mirabello, maverick academic and author, specializes in the "outlaw" history on the "frontiers and margins" of human civilization. He lectures on Alternative Religions and Cults, Secret Societies, Terrorism and Crime, "Banned Books," Intellectual History, and other subjects. According to Mirabello, "Never believe anything until it has been officially denied."

Mirabello's publications deal with the supernatural (The Odin Brotherhood and The Crimes of Jehovah), the unnantural (The Cannibal Within), and the natural ( Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws: Resisting Tyrants, Hangmen, and Priests)..

Mirabello is a Professor of History at Shawnee State University in the USA. He has served as a Visiting Professor of History at Nizhny Novgorod University in Russia.

He has a Ph.D. from the Univerisity of Glasgow and an M.A. from the University of Virginia

With linguist and dissident Prof. Noam Chomsky, Mirabello appears in the documentary on anarchist and outlaw subcultures, Kingdom of Survival (Film)

Published Works[edit]

Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws: Resisting Tyrants, Hangmen, and Priests. Oxford, England: Mandrake of Oxford, 2009. ISBN 1906958009 . 2009.

The Odin Brotherhood 5th edition. Oxford, England: Mandrake of Oxford, 2003. ISBN 1869928717

The Cannibal Within 2nd edition. Oxford, England: Mandrake of Oxford, 2005. ISBN 186992827X

Il Cannibale Dentro (An Italian-language version of The Cannibal Within}, translated by Stefania Marchini. Italy: Edizioni Clandestine, 2006. ISBN 88-89383-35-6

Crimes of Jehovah 2nd printing. Tucson, Arizona: See Sharp Press, 1997. ISBN 1884365132

Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws: Resisting Tyrants, Hangmen, and Priests.[edit]

"The human race has a savage past and will have a violent future. Some day, when visitors arrive on our little planet, may they find more than bones, pottery shards, and nuclear waste."

"As a force in history, beliefs are more important than facts."

"Do not believe anything until it has been officially denied."

"Always--in every era and civilization--the function of the law is to keep those who hold power, in power."

"Your intelligence makes you the stealthiest of all weapons."

"If you must die fighting, have an audience."

"Never forget: dupes believe, slaves fear, and rebels defy."

"In general, there are three species of rebels: the rebels against nature (called deviants or perverts by their enemies), the rebels against knowledge (called heretics or blasphemers by their enemies), and the rebels against power (called terrorists or criminals by their enemies)."

"In terms of final goals, there are three types of terrorists.

"The most ferocious type believes that the system is a monster that must be pulverized. Committed to regeneration   through violence, he wants to destroy civilization and live off its corpse.

The second type--rather less dangerous--believes that disrupting the system will purify it.

And the third type of terrorist--the least destructive of all--simply wants to see something in flames, such as   the White House, the Kremlin, or the Vatican."

"Understand that no one can give you freedom. Freedom is a treasure that must be stolen."

"With power, one can master and enjoy."

"A nonconformist--untamed, ungelded, and undomesticated--a rebel is someone who resists authority, control, or convention. Like Prometheus, Satan, and Spartacus, he refuses to kneel and obey."

"The consequences of rebellion are usually death, incarceration, impoverishment, infamy, or ridicule.

Sometimes, however, the consequences may be limitless power, endless wealth, and unrestrained devotion. Zeus, who   ousted his father, became chief of the Olympians. George Washington, who betrayed his king, became the first   president of the United States."

"In modern states, the citizen is politically impotent. A citizen, it is true, may complain, make suggestions, or cause disruptions, but in the ancient world these were privileges that belonged to any slave."

"According to science, mankind is a freak occurrence in a boundless, cold, and dark void. The first life, say the evolutionists, was spontaneously generated in a primordial slime, and those germs ultimately developed into a bloodthirsty vertebrate called man."

"All people are equal, according to Thomas Hobbes, the English philosopher, because "the weakest has strength to kill the strongest, either by secret machination or by confederacy with others that are in the same danger with himself.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the nondescript man who killed a president of the United States with a seventeen-dollar rifle   purchased from a pawnbroker, confirmed the theory of Hobbes."

"Essentially, there are three stages of imperialism. First, strangers arrive bearing gifts. Next, they build a fortress or a base. Finally, they conquer.

All imperialists--even from another planet--would follow the three steps."

"According to the Hindus, man is the master of woman--except during sexual intercourse--when he becomes her slave."

"To barbarians, life is a glimpse of beauty, a flash of joy, and the sharing of fellowship. The barbarian lives to destroy monsters, slaughter tyrants, and breed sons."

"The spy--with the priest and the prostitute--is one of the oldest professions. Spying is one of few professions that has always had equal opportunities for women."

"Perversely, in most societies the masses eagerly collaborate with their exploiters. From the ranks of the masses come the informants, the police, and the jailers that keep the tyrants in power."

"According to one fascinating and diabolical theory, "the psychological classification of paranoia" has been INVENTED by conspirators (the hidden powers that control the world) for the purpose of discrediting anyone who attempts to expose them. "

"Defined in abstract terms, fame is a kind of power.

Indeed, a piece of you--your fame--may outlive you. Even as a piece of you--your skeleton--may last millions of  years."

The Odin Brotherhood[edit]

  • "When the world is pregnant with lies, a secret long hidden will be revealed."
  • "When the gods made man, they made a weapon."
  • "Strength is that which promotes thought and daring."
  • "Beware of gods who cannot laugh."
  • "Magic is the technology of gods."
  • "Let my violent thrust into the future begin!"
  • "Faith is a poison that paralyzes the mind. In all the days of your life, seek knowledge!"
  • "Repentance is an act of cowardice. Remember, only the terrorized repent."
  • "Most mortals can wish--only extraordinary mortals can will."
  • "The destruction will stop when there is nothing left to violate."
  • "Behold the hero! Even as the wild flowers return in the spring, so shall he return!"
  • "Nothing dies forever."
  • "Hail to the gods that are dead! They are the future race of lords!"

The Cannibal Within[edit]

  • "The truth is not beautiful - it stands on cloven hooves - it is covered in coagulated blood - but it is the truth."
  • "Ingestion is the ultimate act of domination. The victim is absorbed by the eater--body and soul are absorbed--and all that remains is excrement."
  • "You must torture it first, she whispered, with perverse logic. "Terror-stricken animals taste better."
  • "Man needs lies like children need toys."
  • "In this reality of ours, gods are simply expert players who move grotesquely carved pieces in a game without rules."
  • "Self-destruction would be a brief, almost autoerotic free-fall into a great velvet darkness"
  • "Had not the great Yukio Mishima killed himself with a dagger? Thrusting and wet--his hand one with the weapon--Mishima called suicide the 'ultimate masturbation.'"
  • "Crawling into your soul, we can brutalize you without even touching you."
  • "Nailed to the crosses were two thieves. Naked except for crowns of thorns, they were called 'Perverted by Wealth" and 'Degraded by Poverty.'"
  • 'Error is like sin,' hissed a voice in the dream. 'The deeper it is, the less the victim suspects its existence.'"
  • 'In the next world--as in this world--beauty and danger, seduction and torment, are indissolubly linked."
  • "Devoted to wicked science--the hostile domination of nature--the complex is composed of thousands of gloomy laboratories. Here, legions of amoral researchers--greedy for knowledge--commit crimes against bodies and ideas."
  • "In my dreams I kissed her in a playful and amorous way, and then we made love--in the fresh air--the way wild animals do."

The Crimes of Jehovah[edit]

  • "The 39 books of the Old Testament are an interesting dispensation--even though Christ claimed: 'all that ever came before me are thieves and robbers.'" (John: 10:8)

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