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Rape can be defined in numerous ways. Many countries' legal codes define it as sexual intercourse without consent. However, the true definition of the word spans much wider than that. It is a common fact that many rapists are not sexually attracted to the raped individual, therefore the main issue is consent and not sex.

This does not imply that this act is in any way less harmful than it is perceived, in fact the opposite is true.

Myths about rape[edit]

  • Only women can be raped.
In fact males are being raped every day, and sometimes by women.
  • Becoming physically arroused during rape means that victim wanted it.
Physical arrousal is the reaction that has to do with neurology, not with consent.
  • Most rapists are strangers to a victim.
The truth of the matter is that most rapes happen by somebody the victim knew and many times trusted.
  • Only gay men can rape other man.
Most man-on-man sexual assults are commited by straight men.

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