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April 2

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April 2 is the 2nd day in April.


1840 — French writer, activist, experimental novelist Emile Zola lives (1840—1902).

1851 — Joseph Lane (1851—1920), British anarchist, lives. [1]

1891 — Saint Max Ernst (1891—1976) lives, Germany. Painter, poet. [2]

1908 — Spain: Ramón Vila Capdevila lives (1908—1963; aka "Caraquemada," aka "Jabalí"(le Sanglier), aka "Commandant Raymond"). Militant anarcho-syndicalist & guerilla fighter. [3]

1916 — France: In Paris, during World War I, Sebastien Faure launches the newspaper "Ce Qu'il Faut Dire" (What Must Be Said). The paper meets a keen interest, despite heavy censorship. [4]

1919 — Canada: Ban on the Industrial Workers of the World (1918 September) because of the Great War to End All Wars is lifted. Two branches are formed in Toronto & Kitchener.

1928 — Serge Gainsbourg lives (d.1991). French poet, singer- songwriter, actor & director. Composer of existential malaise, angst, love; sleazy, dissolute dirty mouth of pop music.

1929 — Edward Dorn (d.1999) begins slinging guns. American poet & teacher often associated with the Black Mountain poets. Lived in the Pacific NW for some years, a mentor & supporter of the musical group Devo.

1931 — Teenage girl strikes out Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1945 — Poet Anne Waldman lives. Part of the late Sixties poetry scene in the East Village. She ran the St.Mark's Church Poetry Project, & gave exuberant, highly physical readings of her own work.

1952 — Anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti. "The Anticoncept" is banned by the French film censorship commission.

1954 — Seamus O'Sheel (1886 — 1954) dies. Irish-American bellettrist, poet. [5]

1959 — US Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Rep. Alexander Celia introduces bill for posthumous pardon for the anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti to Massachusetts Legislature. The petition is denied.

1965 — Ken Kesey busted for marijuana first time. We are sure it is the last time, given its addictive qualities — or Kesey would be a heroin junkie or Mall Rat by now.

1966 — Vietnam: 100,000 Vietnamese ingrates demonstrate in Da Nang against U.S. & South Vietnamese governments.

1980 — US Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Jimmy James Carter signs the "Windfall Profits Oil Tax".

1982 — Falkland Island "incident" begins — England & Argentina attack in the Penguin Islands — the Penguins lose.

1982 — US Anti-Big Government Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Ronnie Reagan authorizes much broader powers for the feds to hide/withhold information on citizens on "national security" grounds. [6]

1990 — England: Riots in 20 more prisons throughout Great Britain, following Trafalgar Square & Strangeways.

1996 — Antonio Ortiz Ramirez (1907—1996) dies. Member of the CNT in 1936 during the Spanish Revolution: "Ortiz, General Without God Nor Master ". [7]

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