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Greetings and welcome to Anarchopedia, the anarchist knowledge portal! I hope you enjoy our community and participate in our mutual work.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • If in doubt, be bold and do it in the way you think will help the most people.
  • Many Wikipedia things apply, such as
    • To sign posts on "Talk/Discussion Pages" use '~' symbol. Use ~~~ (3 tildes) or ~~~~ (4 tildes) to insert your name or name and timestamp respectively.
  • We, however, are not Wikipedia, and therefore expect wider range of articles. You can help by moving articles in danger of censorship from WP here.
  • Please note that we try to keep our naming convention case sensitive. Examine the difference between moon and Moon, mercury and Mercury etc.
  • If you copy the article from Wikipedia, please be aware, that although you can do that you must provide a reference. Do so by adding {{wikipedia|Name of the article on wikipedia.}} at the very end of your article.
  • Check out articles with downloadable files, Wikipedia would never allow such an expression of free exchange of ideas.

Some more information:

Thank you for your time, comrade.  ~ User:Beta_M (VolodyA! V Anarhist) Talk 2009 December 23 06:19 (UTC)

Anarchist Library[edit]

Hi, i like your links to correct sections of Anarchist Library, but rather than putting them all in the External links sections of the respective articles, it may be a good idea to create a template (somewhat like Template:popular tags or Template:Echo of Freedom). If you need any help with that, give me a shout, i'm glad to help.  ~ User:Beta_M (VolodyA! V Anarhist) Talk 2009 December 23 06:23 (UTC)

I followed up on your suggestion and made a template for T@L, using your template as a model: Template:The_Anarchist_Library. It's just about good to go. All it needs is an accurate URL. For Nestor Makhno the appropriate URL would populate as . Can you make this happen?
Enkidu 06:13, 28 April 2010 (UTC)
Sorry that i've been gone for a while. I changed the template, you can look at the code for what i've done. Now if you do {{The Anarchist Library|Nestor_Makhno}} it will link to the page correctly. You may want to check how i've done that, so that you can learn about how it's done.  ~ User:Beta_M (VolodyA! V Anarhist) Talk 2010 May 21 05:37 (UTC)