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Not trolling[edit]

In regard to your removal, I think your definition of 'troll' is overly broad. I assure you, while the tone in which I delivered my inquiry might have been slightly teasing, I was not feigning curiosity, nor do I have any interest in angering you. I am only 'fishing for a reaction' so far as anyone might in the general realm of communication, for if we cared not for responses, we would not speak at all. For now, I'll review your editing history to see what to expect later. Ty 10:56, 25 April 2012 (UTC)

Sorry, if your intent was to stimulate me to contribute to the project and not to troll, then i will just say that i have plans to continue editing. I think that the first order of business is to upgrade to the newer version of MW, because i think that it can really help with all the spamming. Unfortunately the way it's intalled with the multilingual setup prior to miltilingual functionality being a part of MW-proper makes it difficult and requires careful thought. Then i believe that my priority should be to continue to work on list of days in a year articles. If you'd like to cooperate i welcome that. Beta M 11:45, 25 April 2012 (UTC)