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No More Prison

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No More Prison

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Prison Abolition & Style prison

No More Prison is a prison abolition group in United Kingdom. It was created in in 2006 January 28 during the prison abolition seminar. At first the group was proposed to be a reincarnation of Radical Alternatives to Prisons, but the decision was reached to start a new group rather than recreating an old one.


Prisons are failed institutions that do not work. They are places of pain and social control and are brutal, abusive and damaging to everyone who is incarcerated in them. Prisons are fundamentally flawed and all attempts to reform them have failed. We are committed to their abolition through:

  • Exposing the reality of imprisonment today;
  • Stopping the building of new prisons and the expansion of existing prisons;
  • Highlighting the fact that prisons not only fail prisoners but also have a negative impact on families and friends, victims and survivors and the whole community;
  • Campaigning to close existing prisons;
  • Opposing the criminalisation of young people, working class and minority ethnic communities;
  • Promoting radical alternatives to prison that focus on social and community welfare rather than punishment.

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