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Pornography is the depiction of the sexual nature intended to arouse the person. Legal and personal definitions of pornography differ. Some include erotica in the definition of pornography, while some include pornography in the definition of erotica. Others consider them to be a distinct, although sometimes overlapping, entity.

Anarchist views of pornography[edit]

Anarchists hold diverse views of the role of pornography in society. Although almost all anarchists are against commercial pornography, many anarchists have no objections to free and amateur pornography.

Negative views[edit]

In the contemporary society pornography has become an industry that exploits its workers, culturally dominates communities, and perverts views of sexuality and sexual identity. As such some anarchists oppose and work to abolish this industry. Although anti-pornography legislation is often viewed as the form of censorship, some anarchists chose to argue that pornographic depictions often consumerise sexuality and objectify people involved. Counterargument to that would be that the described is the characteristic of the current culture and not of pornography as the whole.

Positive views[edit]

Political and religious authorities adopt sexual repression as a mean to suppress and control people, to the extent that the mere human bodies or some of their expressions are declared illegal or sinful. Depictions of partial or full nudity, from fully consensual people, may aid in countering that form of repression. In such context the expression or "threat" of nudity may become a form of protest or direct action.

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