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Unpaid workers

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Unpaid workers are those who work (WP) without pay. These may be either members of a family (WP) or cooperative (WP); conscripts or forced labor; volunteer (WP) workers who work for charity or amusement[1]; students (WP) who take intern positions as work experience; or conventional workers who are not paid because their enterprise is short of money (WP) or subject to embezzlement.

Bloggers working unpaid for news outlets[edit]

The benefits of Volunteerism (WP) aside, with pressure on newspaper outlets to cut costs, replacing paid staff with unpaid workers gives no monetary advantage to the unpaid workers, a monetary advantage to the papers, and a monetary disadvantage to the paid staff.

As an unpaid arts blogger for Wikipedia:The San Diego Union Tribune, Katherine Sweetman wrote a resignation piece in the Union Tribune blog suggesting a boycott of the paper by visual artists in response to the layoff of art critic Robert Pincus. The action was widely reported in California in online articles and staff blogs, along with some nationwide attention, including Wikipedia:Voice of San Diego,[2][3] Wikipedia:The LA Times,[4] Fishbowl LA,[5] Modern Art Notes,[6] Wikipedia:San Diego CityBeat,[7] Bay Area Observer,[8] and the Wikipedia:San Diego Reader.[9]

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