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Star Chandler

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Star Chandler (AKA Ruby Richards, Sarah Chandler) is an American bondage model, rigger, and director born 1966 April 10.


She graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 1987 with a degree in English literature. For some time, she worked as an A&R director (artist and repertoire director) for Enigma Records. According to one source, she worked with David Lee Roth and the Black Crowes. However, she didn't find this fulfilling. [1]

By 1990, Chandler was a professional Dominatrix (Pro-Domme) and publishing bondage magazines, becoming a mainstay model and producer for Harmony Concepts, Inc. In the mid 1990s she began branching out to mainstream adult films, although still remaining primarily a fetish artist. She has worked on more than 200 fetish videos as a performer and some 80 more as a director.

From 1997 - 2001 she was married to Gregory Dark, director and producer of adult films as well as music videos and other mainstream media.

Her website, is currently inactive and she is considered retired from active fetish modeling since 2004.

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