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Retroshare Instant Messenger is a sharing and chat peer to peer network which allows to share information with only friends (and also can connect you to your friends' own friends) and gives reliable identification and authentication of trusted friends (using RSA keys). It is a decentralised (serverless), open source, social sharing network designed for friends with no dependencies on any corporate server system.

Retroshare is free software protected by the GNU GPL license (version 2).


An introduction scheme to bootstrap to friends over a distributed hash table (DHT), which connects to the friends and facilitates network growth by easy connecting. Friends of Friends never connect.

Because a direct connection is made with encryption to trusted friends only, it is a fast and safe transfer of files.

It uses an modified version of OpenSSL, which is described in detail for its changes on the homepage of the application and by articles of modern computer magazines.

Encrypted communication, ensuring all shared information is known only to the user and his trusted friends (neighbour peers).

Possible developments[edit]

A communication platform which can potentially support services such as secure email to all of the friends, file sharing, video or VOIP.

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