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Rebecca Saber

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Rebecca Saber (AKA Saber) was a round faced, brown eyed brunette who, by the end of her career, had surgically enhanced her breasts to a bra size of 40DD. In 1989 she debuted in Joined, with Racquel Darrian. Although working in mainstream adult film and print, Saber refused to work with men, limiting herself to pin-up work, bondage, and 'girl-only' productions.

Her refusal to work with male actors affected her career, causing her to be remembered primarily as a bondage model - a relatively 'male free' genre at the time. Although she did have sex with a male or two in Joined.

Partial Magazine History[edit]

(All published by Harmony Concepts, Inc., although Saber was published by House of Milan as well)

  • BONDAGE FANTASIES. #4 (1991)
  • BONDAGE FANTASIES. #5 (1991)
  • BONDAGE PARADE. #36 (1990)
  • BONDAGE PARADE. #39 (1991)
  • BONDAGE PREMIERE. #1 (1990)
  • BONDAGE PREVIEWS. #4 (1992)
  • BUXOM BONDAGETTES. #3 (1991)
  • BUXOM BONDAGETTES. #4 (1992)

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