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List of inadequate articles retained at AfD

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While the primary problem at Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion is deletion, bad articles are sometimes kept. The forms of inadequacy of these articles are many and various, sometimes within a single article, but a recurring one is that they are arguments from the far right that are not given credence by mainstream scholars, and thus excludable from Wikipedia under Wikipedia:WP:FRINGE

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"Keep: The film holds numerous positions of repute including having been the top grossing film per screen for 2 weeks running." - top per screen, because it got major right wing charity donations and was shown at only one screen
"even if the article's contents are trivial or relating to that of a personal essay..." -bad content does not make a bad title, to be sure, but if the title is bad?...
"Delete For the love of respect, tolerance, attachment, passion, rose tinted glasses, and all that is truly love, because it is unencyclopedic content, because it is non-notable, and because it is empirically observable to be a pleasant pipedream posing as logic. Love is a function of our minds, and each are the better for this. Every word of the first and primary premise of this argument, that science is unable to account for love, was written before brain imaging technology." -Anarchangel
No one can agree on what to call this incident on the border between North and South Korea. The usual procedure is then to pick a neutral sounding name. And why are the deaths called "murders" in the article? Because that's the title.


"Blair Witch is one analogy that can illuminate the deliberate obfuscation of the line between documentary and fiction that the producers of this film engaged in, but a better one is The Amityville Horror: A True Story" -Anarchangel


See Wikipedia cabals. "There has been NO evidence that academic consensus acknowledges any relationship between "mass killings" and "Communist regimes"


"Though techniques such as positron electron tomography scanning might reveal those parts of the brain that respond to a painful stimulus, this does not tell us what the individual is experiencing."[1]


"Keep. Even islamofascists can get their own WP entry!"


Assumes there is such a thing as defensive use of a gun. Eg, a 14 year old shot and killed an intruder who "pointed a gun"


"Viet Nam was never partitioned. The article implies as much; there is no such thing as a temporary partition. The Geneva Agreement created zones of retreat and evacuation for the opposing forces, pending elections."
"The text of the Final Declaration, from wikisource:Geneva Conference, with emphasis added:"
" "6. The Conference recognizes that the essential purpose of the agreement relating to Viet-Nam is to settle military questions with a view to ending hostilities and that the military demarcation line is provisional and should not in any way be interpreted as constituting a political or territorial boundary. The Conference expresses its conviction that the execution of the provisions set out in the present declaration and in the agreement on the cessation of hostilities creates the necessary basis for the achievement in the near future of a political settlement in Viet-Nam." "


"Nomination does not make sense to me. What is "the premise" of the phrase "Race and intelligence"?"
"Noting that this article as recently as February was 29K long, and was reduced by 25K by one seeking deletion...Notable topic, even if those seeking deletion removed 90% of the original content, the remaining content is proper. - Collect is bad at counting
I get so used to people using Wikipedia:WP:COATRACK wrongly, I get in the habit of thinking it is bogus. This is a coatrack, though, upon which a conflation of Socialism with National Socialism rests, with an assurance born of arrogance and usurped privilege.


"If I am counting right, the entire article rests on the testimony of five individuals. There is no indication that anyone else in the historical community concurs with Starr, the two defectors, the double agent, or even the Congressional witness." - Anarchangel


"Some of the other books in the series do have their own article"


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