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Wikipedia cabals

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While cabals on Wikipedia may be defined by the cynical as, whoever beat you in that dispute, the cynical are not only in power at Wikipedia, but due to their lack of practical understanding of ethics, fundamental misunderstanding in some cases, they display some rather obvious unfair practices.

Wikipedia, as represented by, ironically, a small minority, not only recognizes the existence of cabals, but backs them in disputes against the minority.

"Shifting advantage

5) If an editor believes that a group of editors has gained a temporary advantage in editing an article, that does not justify disruptive editing in order to nullify the perceived advantage

Passed 6 to 0 at 20:28, 2 September 2006 (UTC)"[1]

This quite rightly recognizes that two wrongs do not make a right, but fails miserably to define the first wrong as a wrong. It should never come to this situation; topic restrictions should be applied at the first hint that there is such a group of editors, long before they gain this 'temporary advantage'.