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December 25

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December 25 is the 25th day in December. It is also a Catholic Christmas and Pagan Yule.


1899 — Film tough-guy Humphrey Bogart lives again. Stars in John Huston’s film of anarchist B. Traven’s novel, Treasure of the Sierra Madre & other excellent films such as The African Queen, Casablanca, The Big Sleep & The Maltese Falcon.

1902 — England: Dec 25/26, founding Congress of the Federation of the Anarchist Groups of Yiddish language of the United Kingdom & Paris, held in London. Rudolf Rocker was the most influential figure in the movement… [1]

[1914] — Just after midnight on Christmas morning, the majority of German troops engaged in WWI cease firing guns & artillery, & commence to sing Christmas carols. [2]

1927 — Argentina: In Buenos Aires, the National City Bank is bombed, killing two & wounding 23 American & Argentinean customers: it is the work of anarchist (Giovanni & the brothers Scarfo) proponents of violent action.

1936 — Spain: Generalitat de Catalogne publishes a decree legalizing abortion. Pushed for by the women’s anarchist group "Mujeres Libres." Article 4 specifies abortions should not exceed three months pregnancy, except in the event of therapeutic need.

1941 — Georges Durupt (1880—1941), French anarchiste, dies. One of a group of friends who form the "Fédération révolutionnaire" qui préconise l'emploi de "l'action directe" for "La destruction radicale de la société capitaliste et autoritaire". Others in the group include Rene de Marmande, Jean Goldschild, Miguel Almereyda (Eugène Vigo; his adopted name, Almereyda, is an anagram: Y'a la merde), & others. Vigo, father of the famed film director Jean Vigo, died in prison under mysterious circumstances. [3]

1946 — First of several years of White House Christmas demonstrations seeking amnesty for conscientious objectors (COs) convicted for refusing to fight in the ever-popular World War II.

1948 — Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Communist Party declares as "outlaws" the anarchist founders of the FACB (Federation Bulgare Anarcho-Communist).

1953 — France: Anarchist Federation & the Libertarian Communist Federation founded by the FAF (French Anarchist Federation).

1955 — Aurèle Patorni (1880—1955) dies of complications following surgery. anarchist, writer, journalist, pacifist & néo-malthusien; married to typesetter & harpsichordist Régina Patorni-Casadesus. Collabroated on many, many journals & reviews, including Eugène Humbert’s "La Grande réforme", with Louis Lecoin on "SIA" (organe de la "Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste"), Louis Louvet’s "CQFD" & Louis Lecoin’s "Défense de l'homme".

1962 — France: Serge Gregoire (1903—1962) dies. Writer, pacifist, free thinker. Wrote for many anarchist publications & author of numerous books. Founder of the Parti Pacifiste Internationaliste. [4]

1963 — Tristan Tzara, Romanian-born French poet/essayist known mainly as the founder of Dada, a nihilist revolutionary movement in the arts, dies. [5] [6]

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