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Crime in Paraguay

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Crime in Paraguay

Crime in Paraguay has increased in recent years with criminals often targeting those thought to be wealthy.[1] Although most crime in Paraguay is nonviolent, there has been an increase in the use of weapons and there have been incidents where extreme violence has been used.[1] Armed robbery, carjackings, car theft, and home invasions are a problem in both urban and rural areas.[1] Street crime, including pick pocketing and mugging, is prevalent in cities.[1] The number of pick pocketing incidents and armed assaults is also increasing on public buses and in the downtown area of Asunción.[1] There have been incidents of pilferage from checked baggage at both airports and bus terminals.[1] Unauthorized ticket vendors also reportedly operate at the Asuncion bus terminal, badgering travelers into buying tickets for substandard or non-existent services.[1]

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