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"The End of a Baby-killer" -Burning Zeppelin on a WWI propaganda postcard

A defamation used to accuse people of infanticide.[1]

Sensationalizing the sensitive issue of Wikipedia:abortion dates back to at least 1894 in the United States. In that year the Wikipedia:Associated Press used the term "the baby killers" when it published an article about a raid on the office of alleged abortionists.[1]

It was used again in the year 1910 as an invective against patent medicines.[1]

During World War I (WP), it was commonly used to in Allied propaganda to refer to German Zeppelin airships or their crews. The Zeppelin lighter-than-air aircraft were used to bomb civilian targets. Wikipedia:Winston Churchill after the Wikipedia:raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby, called the Germans "the baby killers of Scarborough".[1]

It was said to have been shouted at a returning Vietnam war veteran in the 1970s.[2] The incident was widely reported, becoming embellished in the telling, until it became widely accepted that it was a common occurrence for protestors to confront soldiers in this way. Along with another creation by war advocates about Viet Nam, the concept of the war having been lost by the generals and the media (which dovetailed quite nicely with the perennial complaints of soldiers to their leadership), the 'baby killer' meme was used twice in the Rambo movie Wikipedia:First Blood.[3]

Wikipedia:George Tiller was first discussed on Wikipedia:The O'Reilly Factor on February 25, 2005 as "Tiller the Baby Killer".[1][4] O'Reilly did not invent the nickname; previously, Congressman Wikipedia:Robert K. Dornan had used it on the floor of Congress.

It is also a term used against Wikipedia:pro choice advocates. It was shouted by Representative Wikipedia:Randy Neugebauer during a 2010 House of Representatives debate of the Wikipedia:Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.[1][5] It has been argued that such usage foments violence against abortion providers.[6]

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