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Television is the device that allows the visual data to be received and seen by the viewer. Normally it does not give user the freedom of choice, but only freedom of selection (that is a freedom to pick from the predetermined number of options). Thus television becomes not only the medium of information exchange, but also the tool of propaganda.

In United Kingdom, one must pay the cost of TV Licence before one is allowed to watch television. In the case when this licence is not paid before TV is tuned, criminal charges might be brought up. These fees, which are quite common in europe, are mainly uses to provide public TV. They're in these countries often the most dominant TV stations, especially in Germany, where there are more then 20 public TV stations.

Also the quality differes, station like the BBC Network in the UK, or arte in Germany and France recieve high reputation amongst critics for broadcasting uncommon and unusual things. Examples are the comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus in the BBC or the anarchistic Spanish Civil War documentation "Vivir la utopia" on arte.