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other anarchist traditions with respect to private property

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In addition to the anarcho-socialist perspective: private property and the anarcho-capitalist perspective: private property, there are additional perspectives on private property among some anarchists.

Anarchists of other traditions vary in their appreciation of the respective socialist and classical liberal arguments above. Some of them will consistently side with some of the above arguments, thus adopting the socialist or classical liberal tradition, though without forcibly doing it formally. Others will mildly side with some of the arguments above, though without considering them a defining stance for their flavor of anarchism, and will consider the question as secondary. Still others do not care about this debate, and consider it a waste of time; they think that by getting rid of government, such problems find a natural solution.

For example, some accept that free exchange of goods and services without coersion demonstrates rights of use to portable and man made objects essentially equivilent to classical liberalism notions of private property, but reject placing land and natural resources in the same category, arguing that people may have certain rights of use of such resources but not ownership. See also: Georgism. Many who accept some notions of propery for objects reject the concept of intellectual property.


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