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list of Left-Wing Parties in the United States of America

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Socialist Party tree by Justin Denton
A list of Left-Wing Parties active in the United States broadly by ideology, international affiliation and their regular publications. Asterisked publications are only published half as frequently as their column heading would suggest.
Name International Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly
Anarchists (albeit not generally termed "parties") (inc. IAF-IFA, IWA-AIT affiliates) and Libertarian Socialists
Red & Anarchist Action Network Unknown None None None None
Modesto Anarcho Unknown None None None None
CrimethInc Unknown None None Rolling Thunder *
Common Struggle - Libertarian Communist Federation Anarkismo None None None Northeastern Anarchist *
Workers Solidarity Alliance Unknown Ideas and Action None None None
World Socialists World Socialist Movement None None None World Socialist Review
Left Communists
International Communist Current It is an international organization None ICC Online Internationalism International Review
Platypus None None None None None
Internationalist Workers Group IBRP None None None Internationalist Notes
Insane Dialectical Posse None None None None None
Internationalist Perspective None None None None Internationalist Perspective
Spartacist League ICL (FI) None None Workers Vanguard None
International Bolshevik Tendency It is an international organization None None None 1917 (annual publication)
Internationalist Group League for the Fourth International None None None The Internationalist (irregular publication)
Freedom Socialist Party Unknown None None Freedom Socialist * None
Socialist Organizer FI None None None None
Socialist Equality Party ICFI World Socialist Web Site None Perspectives None
Workers' International League IMT None None Socialist Appeal * None
Socialist Action RFI None Socialist Action International Viewpoint None
Socialist Alternative CWI None None Justice None
Ex-Trotskyist Marxist-Leninists
Workers World Unknown None Workers World None None
Party for Socialism and Liberation Unknown None None Liberation Socialism and Liberation
Socialist Workers (US) Pathfinder None The Militant None None
Progressive Labor Party Unknown Unknown Challenge * Unknown The Communist *
Revolutionary Communist Party RIM None Revolution None None
Party of World Revolution PWR None The Beacon None None
Socialist Labor Party of America Unknown None None The People * None
US Marxist Leninist Organization Unknown None Voice of Revolution None None
Multi-Tendency/Broad Socialists
American Socialist Party The Social(ist) Network The Socialist Agenda Daily The Socialist Weekly Review The Socialist Agenda None
Communist League/Workers Party in America None None Working People's Advocate The Communist Monthly Workers' Republic
SP USA Unknown None The Socialist The Organizer None
Solidarity (US) Unknown None Against the Current * None None
International Socialist Formerly IST None Socialist Worker International Socialist Review * None
Liberal/Social Democratic (inc. SI, GG affiliates)
Democrats Unknown None None None None
Democratic Socialists of America SI The Activist?? None None Democratic Left
Labor Party Unknown None None None None
Green Party of the United States Global Greens None None None Green Pages
Greens/Green Party USA Synthesis/Regeneration
Communist Party USA ICC&WP People's Weekly World None Political Affairs None


Name International Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly
Anarchists (albeit not generally termed "parties")

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