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intentional community

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An intentional community is a group of people who voluntarily live with eachother, on a large piece of freehold land, in contrast to neighborhoods, in which one does not get to choose one's neighbors.

The people of an intentional community typically practice a higher degree of teamwork than the people in neighborhoods. An intentional community may be autonomous, or seek to be autonomous, in matters of food, water, electricity, fuel, and/or other matters.

Intentional communities can facilitate evolutionary progress. Similar to intentional communities are micronations. The advantage of a micronation is that it has more freedom from tyranny. The disadvantage of a micronation, which may outweigh it's advantage, is that it probably must be established somewhere at sea, which is the only place that the oligopoly of governments has not claimed, in which people might be able to survive.

A popular type of intentional community is an ecovillage, which is an intentional community that emphasizes ecological practices.

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