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Communpedia is a communism, socialism and leftism-related free encyclopedia, founded in November 2010. Here, we share our knowledge, beliefs, we chat, talk about politics and the glorious revolutions of the world. This site has no propaganda of any kind. We talk about topics that may be of interest for people who want to read something that isn't just western propaganda.[1] Basically, we write information on subjects you won't hear from CNN or Fox News, but propaganda is not allowed.

Who is Communpedia written for?[edit]

Everyone. Who is interested in left-wing politics and is open-minded. The editors at Communpedia are interested in spreading information (facts) censored or simply not given by the capitalist media, rather than writing offensive articles about the USA, etc.

Contributing to Communpedia[edit]

Communpedia may be edited by anyone, but contributions must achieve a Common point of view and you must provide references for controversial sentences. Users who blank pages or add offensive content, might get blocked. So will users who add propaganda of any kind.

As of April 2011, all users have been granted Administrator abilities.[2]


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  2. See Category:Users.

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