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Exponentialism is a contemporary philosophy aimed at understanding the impact of accelerating change on the human adaptive experience; coined by artist and writer Alexandre Fuchs (born 1966).

"The accelerating transformation of our contemporary life is evidenced paradoxically by both beauty and decay in our physical and social environments. Exponentialism explores the complex impact of exponential development on the human experience. Exponentialism attempts to highlight such core humanist principles as our control over our surroundings, environmental adaptation, frailty, conflict and compassion. It investigates such key battle grounds as societal moeurs, technological adoption, man’s (self) destructive force, communication immediacy, economic velocity and dislocations.
The topic is timely. Our twenty-first century will see the equivalent of an accumulated 20,000 years of progress at today’s accelerating rate of change. The symptoms are all around us. We live the consequences of this exponential change in social and geo-political conflict, knowledge gaps, media message opacity, medical care disparities and infrastructure challenges. The work approaches with awe and, at times, foreboding the unleashed inexorable power of change taking shape in and around us." ''
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