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Anarchist Anti License

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The Anarchist Anti License (AAL) is the idea of a license that allows people to copy/modify content but be not able to use the law to enforce the "rights" given by that license.

The anti-licenses should:

  • be short (keep it simple)
    • this license should be made of one paragraph (so it could just be attached at the bottom of an Anarchopedia page for instance)
  • be understandable
    • the license should be translated in any language
  • not refer to nor rely on institutions or state laws
  • either reject intellectual property, or at least prevent it from being used to oppress people: e.g. if you invent a lifesaver cure, you may expect rich people to pay for it, but not people in poorer conditions than you

Problems with common licenses[edit]

  • Licenses like those of [1] or Copyleft licenses (GPL,GFDL - see give authors rights that they can enforce by the law. If we as anarchists reject the law we should not use licenses that allow such enforcement.

First Draft[edit]

This work is licensed under the Anarchist Anti License (version 1): You are free to copy, modify and copy modified versions of the linked work. Nobody should take any of these rights as granted and should not try to enforce a restriction of the use, modification, or redistribution of the work. The distributor may stay anonymous. The original version of the license can be found at

Second Draft[edit]

Note: the text itself of this draft is in the public domain. This is intended as a very small copyleft license note, similar in aims to Creative Common's CC-by-sa or to the GNU copyleft licenses, but without any references to third-party institutions or organizations.

You are invited to copy, modify, distribute this or any derived Work, to keep this note and references to the Authors, and to provide unrestricted access to the Work in original or derived forms.

Possible drawbacks[edit]

  • it is not wide spread
  • we can not just copy Wikipedia content and start to work unless we keep the licenses of such articles, if not we have to start from scratch (maybe this is better anyway?)

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