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Wargasm (Word) is a word which means the abrupt outbreak of total war. It was used by former United States Defense Secretary Dean Rusk in a description of a total war exchange. The term has also been applied to describe a crisis scenario in which total war might occur.[1]

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Writing in the Wikipedia:The New Yorker issue of January 9, 1971, Daniel Lang elaborated regarding Rusk's description in an article entitled A Reporter At Large (Wikipedia:Atomic Bombs). Rusk stated that if an all-out exchange, wargasm, happened, it would conclude with a handful of miserable survivors contemplating the folly of man.[2]

The word wargasms has been applied to the presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (WP) by Wikipedia:Paul Goodman (writer). In reference to the Wikipedia:existential and Reichian aspects of the orgasm put forward by (WP) in The White Negro, Goodman used intellectual jugglery to connect the two distinct usages, i.e. wargasm and orgasm.[3]


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