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Since the start of slavery 7000 years ago, humanity has existed as a mass disaster and tragedy. Since 7000 years ago humanity is living a never ending nightmare and horror, physical, emotional, and psychological, a never ending suffering, pain and premature death.

This has nothing to do with nature of wo/mankind; this has nothing to do with evolution, history or fate. We live under a dictatorial system designed and maintained by the ruling few to control, exploit and loot the people and the planet.

The system is maintained by the ugliest and nastiest section of the human population, the cruelest people on earth, because they are willing enough to do what is necessary for the maintenance of their hegemony, hierarchy, thus preserving their system for centuries.

Well the system must be stopped if we want to save what has remained of us and of the planet. Nearly 7 billion people live now on the planet, 90% of which live in permanent and utter misery. Why did so many people agree to succumb to such a condition in the first place? Why did the people let others rule and enslave them? Why did they allow nasty individuals to become a dictator over them and permitting the ruler to rule? Why do not the people rebel and topple the ruler out of existence?

The nasty rulers are brutal in their treatment of the living, and this brutality is what kept them in power. But we are becoming more and more aware of their all encompassing brutality and one day soon we are going to attack.

We are going to terminate this 7000 years of slavery and control, bringing to an end the enslavement of humanity. So get ready people, you have nothing to lose but gain at last a worthwhile living which is deprived from the majority of the world population.

Let’s make this second decade of the 21st century the last decade of the existence of the capitalist system and the state. The time is right, the condition is ripe, and we have all the means necessary for the abolishment of the market and hierarchy.

The time has come for the total elimination of money and its social relation of slavery and terminating the sources and causes of power and profit for ever. Humanity deserves a better existence than this never ending misery and suffering and exploitation, the time has come for liberating humanity from 7000 years of torture, poverty and pain.

The time has arrived to kick the ruler out of his self-made post and stop all the disasters and catastrophes that he is causing just for the purpose of continuing his privilege and authority. The capitalist system is not a natural system; it is made and maintained by those who want to be on the top of the hierarchy, on top of the food chain, as though I was a fish. Well I am not a fish; I am an anarcho-social revolutionary, who together with the oppressed humanity we are going to destroy capitalism and its state for eternity.

Spartacus Anarchus