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Russian Civil War

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The Russian Civil War was an internal conflict in Russia from 1917 to 1922, which resulted in the collapse of the Russian Empire, and the establishment of the Soviet Union. The revolutionaries were communist Bolsheviks, known as "Reds", while the internationally-backed tsarists were known as "Whites". All of the 'Allies' of World War I fought against the fledgling country for years, 14 countries altogether. Allied intervention began as early as 1918, while WWI was still being fought, and Japan fought on unsuccessfully until 1925.[1][2]

Many pro-independence movements emerged after the break-up of the Russian Empire and fought in the war.[3] A number of them – Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland – were established as sovereign states. The rest of the former Russian Empire was consolidated into the Soviet Union with the success of the Bolsheviks shortly afterwards.

Non-Russian forces[edit]

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Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War
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These numbers make a total of 255,503 foreign troops stationed in Russia during the civil war.


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